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Favorite Geno and AJ memories


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Let's go gang. Two of our all-time greats deserve better than passing farewells in the free agency thread.

Forgive the miserably cheesy highlight reel music. The first thing is easily my favorite Geno memory. The moment Carson the Quitter returned to Cincinnati, Geno Atkins bodyslammed him.

Greatest defensive player in franchise history and obvious Hall of Famer if he plays for most other teams.

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Geno is HOF, IMO.    AJ probably needs a little more wasn't expecting him to fall off so fast.

1. Geno - dumping Carson on his first pass attempt (?) returning to PBS was awesome.   Also he fork lifted DeCastro so many times in his prime. 

2. AJ is a bitter sweet memory.   He caught what should have been the go ahead TD for the first playoff win in decades.  Such an awesome memory for about 2 minutes then crud.   Him torching the Ravens was awesome because we finally had a player the other team fans loathed.

AJ first game of course his only catch was a TD to beat Browns. 


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