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Stafford Trade


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The Rams gave a shitload of picks for Stafford.  Two firsts, a third, and Jared Goff.  QB is almost becoming too important, if that’s possible.  

The Rams are also seriously in cap hell.  Dumping Goff helped, so the trade kind of has an invisible component to it.  I hope Stafford leads them to a SB, where the Bengals beat them.

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Stanford’s cap hit is $20m this year and $23m next year, so no big deal for a QB. 0 dead money to cut in either year.

Goff would have cost the Rams $28m this year and $26m next year, with dead money of $43m and $16 million if cut, respectively.

Financially this was a massive steal for the Rams.

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I get the cap advantage, then.....and thank you for that, Joisey.....but man, giving up 2 first round picks for it?  B R U T A L

I still think the Lions ate the Rams lunch (and dinner) tho, and the probable plan is to draft a qb in r1 and groom him behind Goff for the 43 mill dead charge year (and maybe the 16 mill one as well) and then let Goff walk

at this point they have enough draft capital to trade up for possibly even the first pick, albeit I think the Jags would be wise to stick with Lawrence. They could definitely get the second spot

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