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Myles Garrett, Serial Killer


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Turned on the tube this morning, and by the reaction of the NFL media it appears Myles Garrett may have committed multiple child murders and deserves the chair.

Just an unbelievable overreaction to what he did.  I get it, don’t swing a helmet around in a fight.  But damn, “I’m Shocked and Offended!” guy on Twitter and various tv and radio shows is acting like this dude is public enemy number 1.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have a ton of fan boys in the sports media.   Their fans are great at playing the victim.   So yeah you are going to get a lot of fake outrage involving them.   We lived it for a couple years with their Burfict fear. 

Myles Garret should be suspended (some are saying rest of the season, not sure about that)   There was also a dirty shot by a Cleveland Brown safety that him rejected that was dirty as well.     Under Greg Williams (old Browns D Coord) I thought the Browns D was playing dirty.  

But I never feel sorry for Steelers players suffering dirty play. 

this "I've never seen anything like this before response" is so snowflake.    Lyle Alzado rip a dudes helmet off and hit him with it and he became an instant celebrity. 


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Keith Rivers gets his jaw shattered by the crown of Hines Ward’s helmet on a blindside hit.  The response?  “You’ve got to keep your head on a swivel around the Steelers, they play hard football!”  

Steeler QB gets bonked on the head with his helmet, no injury.  The response?  “Myles Garett must be stopped before he kills again!!  16 game suspension is not just warranted, but required!  Maaahh Gaaahhd!! 

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Looks like Myles Garrett out indefinitely.    Pouncy out 3 games.   

Each organization fined $250K.     I can't remember what the fine were after the 2015 Bengals/Steelers show down. 

If you play rough with the Steelers they are going to cry bully while kicking you underneath the table.


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A high-level source with another team, who spoke on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the subject and league rules that prohibit the public criticism of other teams, had this to say about the situation: “If the league is serious, they should fine Browns $5 million and fine [coach Freddie Kitchens] $500,000.  That was like a bounty game.  There were so many unnecessary flagrant hits, and then the cherry on top.”

From Florio and Pro Football Talk.

OMG!  Welcome to the club Browns fans.   It's amazing how the Steelers are always involved in these blood and guts games and are always the victims.

I'll be the first to say the Browns had some dirty hits.      Typical pattern will play out  the Browns dirty play is what will be focused on and the Steeler transgression glossed over.

Same Pattern with Burfict.   Burfict was as dirty as they come.   But so was Mitchell and a few other Steeler players.    Burfict and Bengals were painted as the problem. 

  The whole Burfict thing started with them because he dare tackle Bell and Bell got hurt on a legal play.     


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