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NFL has always made the mistake of enforcing “safety” during the game.

Only the over the top blatant calls should be flagged, IMO.

Then after the game film is reviewed by a team then fines and suspensions are handed out.  Eventually leading to league expulsion if the using of the head continues.

NFL tackling has declined since the salary cap indirectly reduced contact practices. 

NFL is correct in trying to remove the head from tackling but it’s impossible to call it fairly in today’s game.

Might want to introduce real performance enhancing drug testing too.  If they do, surprisingly these players will shrink and slow down.  Those allowing for better form tackling

All this rule will do is drive fans away from watching. Games will looked more fixed than they already are and with increased sports betting coming it will be a mess. 

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On 6/3/2018 at 8:40 AM, AMPHAR said:


Might want to introduce real performance enhancing drug testing too.  If they do, surprisingly these players will shrink and slow down.  

Yep.  Guys today are giants compared to 30 or 40 years ago.  But the brain is still encased in a bone container, floating in the same fluid.  

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Ahhhhh, 30 years ago.  1988 and the last time the Bengals went to the Super Bowl.
9 pro-bowl players on that team.  You know, when the pro-bowl meant something ??

Starting offensive linemen from that season:
Anthony Munoz- 6'6, 278
Bruce Reimers- 6'7, 285
Bruce Kozerski- 6'4, 287
Max Montoya- 6'5, 282
Joe Walter- 6'7, 292

That's averaging nearly 6'6 and nearly 285lbs.

Projected starters (kind of) for this season:
Cordy Glenn- 6'6, 345
Clint Boling- 6'5, 305
Billy Price- 6'5, 305
Westerman- 6'3, 300
Fisher- 6'6, 305

That's an average of 6'5 and 312lbs.

Bobby Hart would up that average being in the 330's, but I think it will be Fisher.

Just thought it would be interesting to go back and take a look at the o-line in comparison to today.

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I wonder if the NFL does in-depth analysis?     Just from the Twitter clip above majority plays:

Offense throws underneath zone coverage defense plays kill the man with the ball.

David Fulcher was bigger than Jim Skow, lol.    Lowering your head has always been bad in football, I’m kinda shocked the football media treats this as some new revelation.  A lot of Bengal fans cried foul and knew Shazier was playing with fire after the 2015 season. Same with Mitchell.   Same with  Burfict in 2014 when he concussed himself twice trying to knock out QBs lowering his head (Flacco’s steel cup and Lucks rib jacket) 

I watch a lot of 80’s football just because it was a more entertaining product to me for a variety of reasons.  Maybe somebody can find a clip of Fulcher launching head first but my recollection is that he hit you with chest and hips and tried to run through a ball carrier.    The correct way to tackle that’s been perverted so much in the NFL that style is referred to as rugby style tackling now, WTF? 

Anyway.   Throw underneath and let defense hunt is the style of football with extended offense via penalty.    Number 1 that’s boring football.   Let defenders hand fight more encouraging more man coverage.   

Kick out the head first launchers instead of excusing them ala Shazier.   A lot of Bengal fans predicted something like that would happen to him.  Just a dirty ass player. 


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Ok, I had some time.

Starting defense from 1988:

LDE Skip McClendon- 6'6, 282
NT Tim Krumrie- 6'2, 270
RDE Jim Skow- 6'3, 253
LOLB Leon White- 6'3, 240
LILB Carl Zander- 6'2, 235
RILB Joe Kelly- 6'2, 227
ROLB Reggie Williams- 6'1, 228
LCB Lewis Billups- 5'11, 190
RCB Eric Thomas- 5'11, 184
SS David Fulcher- 6'3, 236
FS Solomon Wilcots- 5'11, 189

That's an average of nearly 6'2 and 230lbs.

Starting defense (maybe) for 2018:

DE Carlos Dunlap- 6'6, 280
DT Geno Atkins- 6'1, 300
DT Andrew Billings- 6'1, 325
DE Jordan Willis- 6'4, 255
OLB Nick Vigil- 6'2, 239
ILB Preston Brown- 6'1, 251
OLB Vontaze Burfict- 6'1, 255
CB William Jackson- 6'0, 187
CB Dre Kirkpatrick- 6'2, 185
SS Shawn Williams- 6'0, 210
FS George Iloka- 6'4, 225

That's an average of 6'2 and 246lbs.

Obviously, there is the difference of the 3-4 vs the 4-3 alignment and I guessed at starters, but it's going to be fairly close regardless.
George Iloka is a big dude and the rookie Bates is the next tallest safety at 6'2.  Malik Jefferson is the tallest LB at 6'3.

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