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2018 Reds


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The Reds took 2 out of 3 off the Indians a couple weeks back.  And they didn't look like they were exactly straining to do it.  Votto looked great, was completely clutch.  Right now the Reds are probably the better team.  

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The trade deadline should be interesting as well.

I know Harvey will be gone and there is talk of others as well (Iglesias, etc.).

Odd fact...  Only the Cubs have scored more runs (527) than the Reds (497) in the NL Central.
Too bad they've given up an absolute ASSLOAD more than any other team in the Central.

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I was hoping they would find a way to resign him, but that's a pipe dream.
Seeing as how they gave up Mesoraco to get him, I don't know if they get a comparable return or not.

Harvey pitching well since coming over here certainly doesn't hurt that in the least.
Mesoraco is right about where he always is since his time with the Mets.

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Duvall traded to the Braves for 2 pitchers and an outfielder.

This trade makes a ton of sense. Not this season with Winker injured, but certainly for the future.

While I really like Duvall, the outfield is getting crowded. With Senzel likely claiming the 2nd base position when he's called up, Scooter will probably end up in the outfield eventually. A Winker/Gennet/Hamilton or Schebler outfield looks pretty good. Then when Trammel comes up, you've got another piece out there to work with.

As for the pitchers, neither look to be stars, but one of them is a 1st round pick. He's serviceable as is, but who knows. He's the kind of guy that could turn it around and become something eventually.

I'm nervous that Hamilton may end up traded as well. I understand it with the lack of hitting but he sure is fun to watch and has got to be a great locker room guy.


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24 minutes ago, ArmyBengal said:

Yes, definitely a move for the future.  Duvall is a good guy though and I wish him luck in Atlanta.
My son will be heated if they trade Hamilton and I enjoy watching him as well.  Hope he sticks.
Now, what gets done with Harvey ??

Harvey? It's starting to look like absolutely nothing.

As I said before, that doesn't upset me.

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Annoying loss tonight.  A couple of bass running blunders cost them.

I'm afraid we're in for a rough stretch.  Trading Duvall was the right move long term, but with Winker and Schebler both hurt, our outfield has next to zero offense.

On the plus side, Bailey has put together two really strong outings in a row.  It would be a huge boost if he came around to what he used to be.

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This is mind-boggling.  From ESPN:


The Reds are now 1-16 in games Homer Bailey starts, which means they're a respectable 54-54 in games he doesn't start. The worst team record in the wild-card era (minimum 20 starts): the 2010 Mariners went 3-17 in Ryan Rowland-Smith's starts.

A shame since he's had a few decent starts since coming back from the minors.  

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