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Bodine: TV view vs Endzone view... maybe hell I don't know


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I am really Bodine's mom, lol.    Why would anyone dare start a thread on this topic unless it was his mom?      Not really.    But in the aftermath of the Bengals first preseason there are the typical analysis and some annoy me.    These aren't responses to anyone particular in here. Just responses to the world of the internet. 

But you guys are the lucky ones that get to read it and enjoy it. 

1st - Cincy Jungle.   Not real sure about those dudes after rewatching the preseason game in slow mo (again endzone view not available).     First on Bodine, my son.    Played a tremendous game, IMO.   Again not sure who he blocked and I mean Margus Hunt terrorized 3rd string tackles all the time.    But Bodine I think got pushed in the backfield 1 time and resulted in a TFL.   MAYBE, Ced's big whiff in run blocking was the result of Bodine not sealing the middle fast enough for Hill to stay with the hole and bouncing outside into the path of which Ced was taking the DE.   Still think IF Ced finishes the block it's short gain vs TFL. 

Then Cincy Jungle took a shot at Ced for a tremendous seal and chip on a safety that led to a 10 yard run.   Because he had to hop out of the way of the back.    I do think, again,  finish the play comes in to play and that's fair BUT overlooking the initial block is questionable on their part, IMO.

2nd - On Bodine in general.    I think he improved last year probably his best season.   I still wouldn't put him in the top half of the league of Centers.     However,  over the years I've compared Bodine to some of the top Centers in the league.    Yes, there is a difference.   Big Difference?  Yes, big difference.      Game effecting difference?   Eh, not as much as one would think.    What?   My answer to that is:  TV view, scheme and the fact most plays Bodine is assisting. 

So the big difference, IMO between Bodine and the elite Centers that I notice (or at least think I do).   Reach blocking.   Elite Centers will not give up much ground or gain some ground on the LOS when they are attempting to get to the far shoulder (reach block) of the down lineman.    Bodine gives up more ground than an Elite Center would do. 

So AMPHAR?  How doesn't that have big impact on the game?   TV view and scheme.   The Bengals run a lot of this concept in Zone blocking and Backs reading accordingly.   Every team does.   How much more do the Bengals do it vs other NFL teams?  Have no clue, I'm not the strongest counter.  I lose count after 10.   They've run a lot more of this after 2014, IMO.   (IMO, this has adversely effected Jeremy Hill by the way).      The TV view does not show lateral movement achieved by the lineman and with the Bengals it's mostly Bodine that has these assignments. 

Bodine does give up ground.   It's a weakness.   However,  he does get push a lot of times laterally for which the back to cut/read whatever.       I've watched a ton of plays in comparison between TV and endzone.  It does change the perspective on if there was room to run.

In my mind,  it makes sense.   One of the first things you are taught at a young age in Basketball, Soccer, Football is space.   In football getting the proper split from your teammate is harped upon constantly.    But you are simply not going to get that perspective on TV.


I thought Bengals o-line passed their first test, BUT weren't challenged in pass protection.     I think they need to finish blocks.    I think Bodine played a tremendous game and it mystifies me why that's flown under the radar.  



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I agree that Bodine isn't as bad as some say, but he isn't good either. He did improve last season, but a big part of that was the Bengals asking him to do a lot less. So there are limits to what the o can do with him out there. And yeah, you can make similar arguments about other players (Dalton), it's still maddening that they are so resistant to upgrading an obvious weak point. As a backup I would love Bodine, but not as a starter.

re Ced, he had some rough patches but did some good things too. The issue is that he is still obviously raw and prone to poor technique. This suggests he will create consistency issues for the offense. I think his best chance for a jump to at least adequate is next year. This time around will be rougher.

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