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22 hours ago, BengalszoneBilly said:

Who is the Champ?

Wraith (The Guardians) beat RBB (Rad Nads) 90.00 to 75.40.
Thing is, RBB forgot to get Aaron Rodgers out of his starting lineup and put Kirk Cousins in.
Rodgers obviously scored a big fat zero, while Cousins sat on the bench putting up a bit over 23 points.

It also didn't help RBB that Antonio Brown was out for the game either.
Sucks because RBB had the best team all season long.
Oh well.  There's always next year !!!

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Thanks Army, things are finally heading in the right direction.

I had a first cousin that I grew up with (2years younger than me), get really sick.  He went septic and it was looking really bad, but the last two days have been good.


After 13 days, he is finally responsive and got moved out of ICU yesterday.

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