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Mike Brown Wins Award


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I can recall the Bengals net worth being close to a billion dollars.
You're telling me with the help of many people and other organizations, they were able to donate a million dollars ??
Sounds like a bunch of people helping Mikey boy further itemize his tax return.

Well done I suppose because someone probably sees some benefit from that, but this doesn't inspire me in the least as a fan of this team.
When you have that kind of coin, isn't it the "right thing to do" in trying to make the world a better place to live in ??
I realize not everyone does it, but I chalk things like that up to what people are supposed to do.
Should you really be getting awards for shit you are supposed to do ??

Reminds me of the Chris Rock standup...

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I just read on SB Nation that the teams split $7.24 billion last year.  That figure comes from the filing the Packers have to make every year due to their status as a publicly-owned entity.  Every team received a distribution of $226.4 million.  So with a salary cap of what, $155 million, you can see how Mike needs Hamilton County to subsidize his operations on game days at his free stadium.  You can also see how he had an extra million bucks to indulge in philanthropy.  

So before they even collect one cent of ticket revenue, revenue from any local promotion or apparel sales, they have already covered what is basically their chief, if not their only significant, piece of overhead - their labor.  They've covered their labor, and they're sitting there with 70 million bucks in hand, then they start selling tickets, beer, sweatshirts, and anything else we're dumb enough to buy.  Can't pay Marvin or Zampese to go away!  If we're paying them, keep them working.  54 years ago a tender-hearted son watched his dad cry over getting fired!  Have to keep everyone working so you can look their wives in the eyes at the Christmas party next year!  Fuck!  

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