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AJ Green Knows Our Line Sucks


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Looks like AJ Green is sick of seeing our QB running for his life.  Good work by AJ Green here, Paul Alexander has to answer for this shit, and guys like AJ calling him out will hasten the process. 


“We got to be able to protect Andy,” Green said, via Cincinnati.com. “We can’t let him get beat up like that. Can’t have your franchise guy, your quarterback, take those hits today. We just can’t have it. We didn’t have that last year and I don’t know what’s the problem this year.”


"That’s what we always preach is protecting our quarterback," he said. "You can’t let him get beat up like that. You can’t, you can’t, you can’t."

The Bengals will look to get back on track in Week 11 when the Buffalo Bills come to Paul Brown Stadium.



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He's right -- but there's nothing to be done now. Hobson admitted what we were talking about a few weeks back in regards to their inexplicably foolhardy expectations of Ced (emphasis added).


Ogbuehi didn’t get on the field as a rookie until the second half of last season and then he lost the spring with a muscle issue and most of training camp with a toe problem.  Plus, Smith came out of a pro-style offense at Alabama while Ogbuehi hardly ever got in a stance in Texas A&M’s spread. It’s going to take longer for the new generation of tackles to adjust to the pro game and it’s the first time the Bengals have had to live that after 20 years of drafting top flight tackles. They still think Ogbuehi can be one of those guys.  The question is, I guess, did they jump the gun thinking they’d be OK at right tackle despite Ced’s lack of practice time in a pro scheme.

There's no question, Butch, and no guess, either. They did jump the gun, and Ced's faceplant was completely 100% predictable given his lack of time and lack of experience in a pro system. Forget all the talk about Marvin coaching poorly before the half or wasting time outs or whatever. This is easily the most egregious coaching failure of 2016.

Added bonus tidbit from the same column in the next paragraph:


One personnel item, though: left guard Clint Boling, who was playing really well before he injured his shoulder last month, is gutting through playing hurt.

Well then put Fisher or Westerman the ^%&* in there! Otherwise it's not an excuse.

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Their inability to address any of the concerns this o-line has been having ALL SEASON LONG is unbelievable.
I may not be a coach or play football, but I know jacked up when I see it and THIS o-line is jacked the f*ck up !!!

No one stepping up to address it, or attempt to, is equally jacked.
Just look the other way, nothing to see here.

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Blaming Ced's struggles on not being able to adjust to Pro Scheme or practice is a little simplistic.       What I see is not being very good, period.    He can't anchor or set the edge with speed rushers and give up ground way to quickly. 

I would like to sit back and think that there is a massive amount of unseen talent that will be revealed with reps and more reps but I don't see it.  

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13 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

To be sure it's not all on the oline. Aside from AJ our WRs can't get open consistently and Dalton has fits of indecisiveness. But IMO the oline is the main culprit.

I tend to lean pro-O-line over blaming them.    A lot of the offensive struggles is on the blocking.      Some of that reaches out to the TEs.

You can hide a below average center.    You can't hide problems on the edge and that's what they have.    Ced has been horrible and it's gotten into Andy's head as he is now bailing at the first sign of trouble.     I know Greshman wasn't real popular but our TEs suck at blocking when compared.

I quit doing the Tale of the tapes because it was the same story.   Usually 1 break down from the edge in the run game.   In the passing game it's quick pressure.

I'm so sick of seeing a decet run play set on the front side get derailed because Ced can't seal back side or a TE not getting it done.    

  That said what's missing from the offense isn't yards.   It's sustaining drives into good scoring opportunities and of course finishing red zones trips.

IF that would be slightly better they'd probably be First place right now in the division.    

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