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Cubbies in the World Series!?!


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13 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

Taking it to gameJameshat a great series this has bee n !!! 

What a great game 7. Back and forth, dramatic storyline, but the Chicago Cubs finally get the Trophy. I would like to add Eff you Cleveland, Lebron James and the entire American League. Play real baseball or GTFO.

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Happy to see the Cubs win the Championship.
Overall, just a great series to watch.

I would feel bad for fans of all Cleveland sports, but the Cavs won it all last season so whatever.

Had they lost that game last night, it would have totally been on their skipper.
He must have never seen the Reds bring in Chapman when he was tired.
Chapman almost blew the whole damn thing.

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I've held off posting in here, fearing I'd jinx my tribe.  Anyway as some of you know I'm a huge Indians fan, and what a thrill to see them win the pennant.  Tough to watch them lose 3 straight to lose the series, but that's the way it goes when your pitchers are one ace, two depth guys, and a bullpen.  Just ran out of arms.  Next year Carasco and Salazar will be back, and I think they'll be a contender again.

Napoli is likely finished in Cleveland.  They're set if they can find a slugging first baseman.

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Like I said, I wouldn't have been mad had the Indians won the series.
For what it's worth COB, while I don't feel bad for the fans, I'll send a little empathy your way as a fan of the Bengals.

At least you can feel your team is only one player away.
My poor Reds seem to keep moving in the other direction.
Whatever is worse than coming in last, the Reds seem to be shooting for that.

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