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Folks, you can bash me all you want but I think our season is over! I'm a diehard Bengal fan, but I think we're in trouble and I don’t think we make the playoffs! We're 2-3, we're on the road next week and we’re playing Tom Brady. Little to no chance we'll win that game! Play calling sucks! Our offensive line is horrible, we have no run game, our defensive backs can’t cover anybody, we can’t tackle, we have no run game, we don’t use our personnel properly, year after year – penalties stop our drives, and so on and so on. Why we waited so long to get surgery for our TE is beyond me! So here is how I see the rest of the season playing out:

@ NE        Loss               2-4

Browns      Close Win       3-4

@ NY         Win                 4-4

Buff             Loss              4-5

@ Balt         Loss             4-6

Eagles         Loss             4-7

@ Browns   Close Win     5-7

Steelers       Loss             4-8

@Texans     Win              4-8

Ravens         Loss            5-9


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Hard to argue. I don't see this team beating any of the avg to strong teams (Pitt, NE, Buf) but likely to lose a couple they should win v weak teams (CLE, Hou, BAL) 6-10, or 7-9, is about for the team we watched at the Dallas disaster. 

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Offense can't score points (no more than 22 this season so far in any game, take away Nugent's FG's in NY and the junk time TD's yesterday and it looks even worse) and the defense can't stop good teams...at all, but especially early in the game.  

They've lost 3 of their last 4 games, and lost by multiple scores to Denver, Pitt and Dallas (and I'm guessing next week as well, as Belichick can coach circles around Bozo Lewis and his staff of assistant clowns and players).


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1 minute ago, ShulaSteakhouse said:

Oh I forgot - don't include blame involving Andy or people will get offended, it's never his fault.


The thing is Shula I don't think much of it is Dalton. In fact I feel awful for him behind this o-line, but he hung in there yesterday took a beating, but still competed to get them 14 points. 

My question who besides AJ is getting open that Dalton can quick pass to? If they take away AJ who comes up big? So many questions, but I don't think it's on Dalton this time

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By all means, dump Dalton. His allowing Dallas to score three straight TDs on their first three drives was indefensible. He was terrible at RT, a complete turnstile. Holding penalties, false starts, that missed 50 yard FG, Dalton clearly sucks. The one silver lining is that at the rate he's being sacked he'll be on IR by the bye so we can get McCarron. That will solve everything and put us on course for the Super Bowl.

Dalton was one of about three guys to show up Sunday. The rest of the team looked like they spent the prior ten days smoking weed and masturbating to Chad's episode of A Football Life. Which sadly is about the norm for a Marvin team coming off any kind of extended break. I expect they'll look better next week. Whether that will be good enough is doubtful.

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