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Old Man Yells at Clouds


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Mike Brown speaks!


In the category of Some Things Never Change, Brown makes sure to poormouth his station among a bunch of billionaire owners who are going to drive small market teams like his out of business, just you wait and see!

Then there's this blather when he's asked about a ring of honor for Bengals players:


Brown: “It’s an oddly complicated issue. We honor our old Pro Bowl players. We put up large permanent posters of them in the building and that has been our way of doing this. I was at a stadium recently and I looked around at the Ring of Honor players they have and I would tell you that these are guys that played 30, 40, 50 years ago. People don’t know who the hell they are. These things have a shelf life and I wonder whether there isn’t a better way to recognize old contributing players.

“We are going to try to do it by focusing on the Pro Bowl players (and) putting something on our website. We’re pressed to have the space to do it out in the stadium itself. So, we will do it our way and we hope that the old players and the fans understand that it is a bona fide effort to recognize these people that played here and made the team what it is today.”

Ooohhhhh, they're going to put something up on their web site! That's cute. No you jackass, it's not an oddly complicated issue. It's actually f**king simple. But it might cost a few bucks so screw that, right?

At least he defends Vontaze, I guess that's something.


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With the revenue sharing model, this is what happens when their own greed permits them to play the victim. As if. 

His team is worth less, compared to other teams, due to their own management style. Spend as little as necessary and let the system do the rest. They some see it as a competitive, captialist exercise. They see it as subsidized mediocrity that preserves their own personal fortunes. Tall about missed opportunity. 

The little they do to honor the legacy players is simply as pathetic as his condescending, ivy league reply justifying their weak efforts to do them right. See, us fans don't have the historical aptitude to recall guys from the past. We are dumb. The guys who gave it all to the team, their blood, health, cognitive functions, for them we have a Web page... Seriously. This is his thinking. Oh, and a poster. FFS. 

This reveals and refreshes all the negative thoughts we've just come to expect from the Brown family. I can't imagine Paul would approve. I doubt it strongly. 

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People don't know who the hell they are ??

Ok, lets test that thought and go back to the 70's.

I know I'm in my 40's, but am I expected to believe that that no one has heard of these guys ??

Mean Joe Greene
Roger Staubach
OJ Simpson
Jack Ham
Alan Page
Walter Payton
Franco Harris
Earl Campbell
Ken Stabler
Lynn Swann

Yeah, who the hell are those clowns ??

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Holy crap.  You can tell that Mike has a real feeling of being on the outside looking in with regard to the league.  

He feels powerless in regards to some of the forces that are driving league decisions.   And you can tell that even though he has sort of given up and accepted it, he's still a little pissed off.

He didn't ask the interviewer whether it was pudding cup or jello day, so that's a win for a dude like Mike.

One other point - he doesn't want to spend cash to honor players, but he spends several million a year (the amount he forfeits annually by not selling the naming rights) to keep his dad's name on the stadium.  

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Bengals and NFL have revenue sharing.    Reds and MLB don't.

Compare the effort between the clubs to improve the stadiums to make it fan attractive.     Bengals are only going to check the box because they can't tie a direct profit margin from doing Ring of Honor and other stuff.

Mike Brown pointing to those banners is a joke.  They haven't been updated since the day that stadium opened despite multiple pro bowl players retiring since then.   The concourses of that stadium are plain ugly concrete.    They have the same 90s logo trash cans since day one. 

Ever wonder where the AFC Championship trophies are?   Would it shock anybody if they were in a closet collecting dust?  Every playoff team should be represented in that stadium.  





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