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Hue - 33 Weeks


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Hue is in a tough spot and made a bad decision hitching his wagon to that ownership group.    That ownership group has questionable ethical behavior in the other business ventures.  They seem to be cut from the cloth of Danny boy in Washington.

The reality is even if Hue does a good job he isn't going to win enough to satisfy that ownership.   In order to do that, they would have to beat down at least 1 of Steelers, Ravens, or Bengals consistently into the basement of the AFC North.      That's 3 of the most recent consistent roster building teams in the AFC.  

Steelers aren't going anywhere until Ben falls apart.  Until then they are going to do everything they can to maintain a championship hope.    Bengals are crazy deep. 

I don't think the Ravens are going to be down for long.




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That was a fun article to read.  I like Hue and hope the best for him.

It is very unfortunate that he got so deathly ill during last spring's free agency period.  While he was laid up, it doesn't appear that Brown or anyone else in the football operations side was willing to step up and do anything.  Their indecision cost them as vet after vet walked out the door.  No offer for Marvin Jones?  Just stupid.

I'm glad they feel like their draft was some kind of major accomplishment just because they actually prepared for it and knew who the wanted should scenario X, Y, or Z, happen.  Having to start a bunch of rookies is not the recipe for any sort of fast turnaround.  Hue could be just training these youngsters for the next coach.

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Yeah, I liked the read as well and wish him the best up there in the armpit.

I wonder how much went into the thought for the Browns that not only were they getting a good coach, but were stealing him from a division rival that has had both success in the drafting process and on the field?  Even if the Browns don't turn around in his tenure, the organization will be better off than what it was simply from the institutional knowledge he brings with him from the Bengals.

I can honestly say, I didn't think about the awkwardness having him as the coach "waiting in the wings" could create within the organization.
That would have been a scenario I would have loved to see play out here though.  Oh well, good luck to Hue !!! 

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I wish the Bengals would have cut the crap with the "waiting in the wings" thing and just did it NOW.  Oh well, it's too late now.  Hue is the only coach the Browns could hire that would make me want to see them play better -- as long as it isn't against us.

I think they will too.  My preseason call for them is 8-8.  The defense is still brutal, but they have a ton of potential on offense and I don't think Robert Griffin is going to be terrible.

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