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UPDATE Phelps Beats 2,168-Year-Old Olympic Record


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Been watching about every night.  We dvr it and start around 9:30, and we try not to see any sports news before then since almost everything they air is delayed.  


Phelps is fascinating to watch.  After his second dui he went to inpatient rehab, and by all reports he is a completely different person now.  A factoid about him - when he was 10 or 11 a new swimming coach, Bob Bowman, arrived at his pool.  Bowman quickly assessed Phelps' talent, physique, and mental makeup.  He called his parents and told them their son could be a very special olympic swimmer, but to make it he would have to dedicate himself to a hard regimen, practice twice a day, 7 days a week, and give up other sports.  They did it, and the results are undeniably spectacular.  But the effects of your childhood ending at 11, and you immediately begin what can only be described as a very difficult, very grown up, job, well, those effects aren't all positive.  

Phelps came through it, and was brave enough to change.  The only parallel situation I can think of is Tiger Woods.  And Tiger has pretty much gone in the other direction.  Not able to change, not able to face reality.  

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