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The decline of Peyton Manning.

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Living out west I get to see a lot of Broncos games of course, and it's just getting sad to watch Manning trying to play QB in Denver. IMHO this has to be his last season. His passes flutter and usually have little speed on them. Occasionally he'll get a good one off, but for the most part he's a pick throwing machine. The sole reason Denver is undefeated is their dominant defense. Peyton, after this season, it's time to hang up the cleats.


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Yep, Manning looks done. But that D could still get them to the playoffs.

While we're on the subject of QB declines, the Niners may bench Kapernick for Blaine Gabbert...


Yeah, Kapernick was total junk last night, but his line wasn't helping him either. It's seldom that I can't watch an NFL game, but last night's just sucked.

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Any team thinking the answer to ANY football question is "Gabbert" is in a whole mess of trouble.

However, Kaepernick is sucking big balls at this point. Steady decline and nothing more.

THAT being said, the whole 49ers team sucks. They lost a sh*t ton of players.

And head coach.

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If you are speaking to me, I wasn't one of those people.

I recall thinking Kaepernick had crazy athletic ability, but didn't blame Mike or Marvin for any of that.

They did what they had to do, along with Gruden, and took the guy they felt fit what they were doing along with being ready to take over now.

Dalton was a proven winner and here we are with what appears to certainly be the correct decision.

Someone else may feel differently. They would be wrong however.

Even when Kaepernick was leading them through playoff wins, he wasn't throwing for sh*t.

His throwing has gotten progressively worse each year he has played.

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Even for Manning in decline, I think yesterday's game was an abberation. He was clearly hurt and couldn't play through the injury the way he once could have. That said, looking at the season as a whole it's clear that the end is nigh. Like Billy said in the OP, his arm is gone. Teams aren't afraid of his deep ball anymore and are flooding all the short to intermediate routes and feasting on interceptions. Denver has a great defense but I'm afraid it will go to waste this season, because with that offense they are one-and-done.

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37 minutes ago, Bengalsfan18 said:

I have a feeling Peyton is on his way out.  He has thrown 25 interceptions in his last 16 games and was finally benched yesterday! Here is a short read about Peyton's troubles: https://realfootballnetwork.com/2015/11/16/11-16-15-peyton-troubles-the-nfc-north/ 

Good read. Welcome to Bengalszone Bf 18.

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Well Peyton will finally announce his retirement on Monday. I feel the timing is as good as it would ever be, going out as league champions. With all the records he holds, you can't deny he was one of the great QB's the game has ever seen.

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