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video of tez doing the rounds

UK Bengal

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better on PUP than rushed back and reinjuring and done as a player tbh

I think we have enough adequate cover at LB not outstanding like tez but servicable

Not sure I can share your optimism there UKB ...behind Burfict we have:-

Maualuga - good vs the run, probably more effective than some people give him credit for

AJ Hawk - knows the score but was brought in for depth (a rotational player)

Nico Johnson - featured in 17 games, started just 3

Chris Carter - featured in 33 games in 4 years, started just 4

Paul Dawson - untried and untested

Jayson DiManche - featured in 28 games, started just 1

Marquis Flowers - featured in 16 games, started just 1

Emmanuel Lamur - featured in 23 games, started 13

Sean Porter - featured in just 1 game, zero starts

Vinny Rey - featured in 66 games, started 17

Trevor Roach - unknown entity

Apart from both the Reys, and Hawk we have no proven players. Can we pin our hopes and dreams on Lamur?? We certainly need some of these bodies to step up and make a name for themselves thats for sure.

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I'm so ready to watch Paul Dawson, I'm just hoping he sees the field

Yeah if Taze is out until mid-season (granted he looked pretty good to me, as I'm sure his initial tests are limited and could quickly escalate if the results are good over the next month+) I hope Dawson plays well enough to earn a spot, along with Hawk. I am not a big fan of the other options on this roster. Not that anyone wouldn't want one of the top 5 LB's in the NFL to be healthy and playing every week.

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