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Bengals @ Buccaneers Game Thread


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Losing Smith wasn't good news! :angry:/>

No but Newhouse had a better day than his last two. So there's that. And Lap seemed pretty good with the idea of Boling at RT. I'll reserve judgment on that but they have options. One way or another though it looks like The Hawk will be active going forward.

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The Hawk is Tanner "13 Reps" Hawkinson, the physically weakest lineman in the entire NFL

Apparently his technique and footwork is pretty good.....must be to compensate for this glaring flaw

I am worried that Collins and Johnson will be able to tip the Buccaneers to the Bengals entire offensive (Collins) and defensive (Johnson) repetoire, same as Babyhawk did for the Browns

Outhouse did do quite a bit better today, I must admit

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Didn't Newhouse play last week right? He didn't give up a sack? I like Smith but there have been games this year where he has been horrible, the Colts game comes to mind. Time to bench Smith if he is not 100% because he is awful if he is not. A heathy Newhouse is a better option then a gimpy Smith. I did like the unbalanced line look today. Lap said he likes Boiling at RT because he is athletic.

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Would really, really like to see Burfict back this week

If he's healthy then by all means, play him. But if he's anything less than 100%, I say sit him. The Bengals shouldn't need him to stymie the Bucs' offense. Tampa's O is a dumpster fire. The o-line is trash, they can't run the ball at all and McCown is throwing picks faster than touchdowns. They've only scored more than 17 points in a game 3 times this season. As long as Cincy's D doesn't come down with another case of the "arrives" they should be able to hold the Bucs in check easily.

However, the Tampa Bay defense looks like it's starting to come around. In the six games before their week 7 bye they were giving up an average of 34 points a game. In the five games after the bye they are only giving up 19. And they have been tough against the run: only three teams have rushed for more than 100 yards (and two of those were just barely, 102 and 113). So it's likely that the Bengals are going to have to throw. And you know MJ will be amped for the game.

At a guess, I'm expecting a rerun of the Houston game: a low-scoring slugfest that will come down to the last drive. A wildcard could be special teams. The Bucs had some bad punts against Chicago, though the weather was crappy.

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