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Vikings @ Packers

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Zim has to go with either 2nd or 3rd string QB, wherever Ponder is in the depth chart. His ace RB pounds a little kid's sack with a tree branch, his ace WR walks around in a haze of weed smoke until Goodell drops the hammer, he basically walked into a dumpster fire. The lowly Packers boat race them right out of the stadium.

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True Army, seems like Thursday night games are always bad. Basically, to appease the God they worship (Money), the NFL has taken to sacrificing some of its own. That's basically what a Thursday night game is, a human sacrifice. What these guys go through on Sunday, they simply aren't ready to physically go through it again on Thursday.

The NFL does it not just for the Thursday night ratings. They want to capture the narrative on Wednesday night, Thursday during the day, then again on Friday as everyone reviews and rehashes the game. They want to be that story on Sportscenter and the other sports media, for as much of the week as they can. If some players bodies get wrecked in the process, well, there's always another guy willing to step in for him. Next man up. Then very likely down in a month or two. In their eyes, it is a small price to pay to become that ubiquitous force that is constantly pushing everyone and everything else down the page.

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The injuries are a concern for sure and Bridgewater being out last night didn't help things for the Vikings.

I wonder if they had played on Sunday, if he could have started ??

Another thing I don't get is, why would anyone doing the scheduling think last nights game was going to be a good one when making the schedule ??

The Vikings sucked last year and the Packers should have beaten them that way.

Some of the others are the same way. While the Falcons are having their own injury concerns, you knew they were going to beat up the Bucs.

I still think there should be a way for them to coordinate Thursday games with the bye week.

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