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Burfict, Green Get Pro Bowl Nod


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Nice! Burfict does deserve the selection. AJ just does what he does.

I think you could make an argument for Peko and Dunlap, though the stats aren't there. Hall seemed to be having an awesome year before he went on IR.

This is a WELL, well balanced team. There really are no outstanding stars, outside of AJ Green. Plenty of talent and key players. Not a whole lot of gaudy stats. This defense certainly has a "system" going for it. More and more depth has been able to step up and contribute big time (Vinny Rey).

Browns had 5 selections? Interesting.

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Pro Bowl is a joke, but congrats to them.

It's always that way some of the worst teams get the most pro bowlers.

sorry but pro bowl is not a joke, yeah it is a joke to fans who dont understand the concept of pro bowl. I love pro bowl because i understand that it is not there to be taken serious.

probowl is a fun time for those player, it is not to be played so serious, boring to most fans yes but VERY FUN to those players who spend time together and with their family at hawaii.

it is sad that godell have to change pro bowl to pleasure the moron fans.

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I think this is a good thing for the Bengals long term

The less individual recognitions a player gets, the lower their sticker price in the offseason, and the better the chance we retain them

I think that league perception is that our defense is more abut great scheme that is well called on Sunday, and less about great players. Ergo the fewer than expected players voted in.

This is what I'd call a good problem to have. I'd much rather have a large number of good players than just a few superstars and the rest mediocre, and I think for the most part that describes us well at the moment, particularly with our one true superstar Geno out for the year

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