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Steelers/Ravens Game Thread


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Pitt will be lucky to win another game. They are a bad team. Tonight was only close because the Ravens are junk too, just not quote as bad as the Steelers.

Tomlin should have been flagged on that return. Frikin cheater.

I wish I felt the same way. Both teams are still in the wc hunt. Bengals just need to take care of business. Tomlin knew exactly what he was doing!

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What did Tomlin do on a return? I only saw about half the game.

A real dick move by Tomlin.

Jacoby Jones had a huge return and the replay shows Tomlin watching out of the corner of his eye while standing in the field of play.

Him being on the field forced Jones to make a small step back into the defender.

While Jones may still have been caught, it was a real classless move on his part.

Then they showed him watching the replay on the big screen and him snickering about the whole thing.

Couldn't be happier about their loss.

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They aren't even supposed to be on the white line, let alone in the field of play.

He said he was watching the jumbotron and lost track. Well, if he was watching it, he had to see his dumbass on the freakin' field.

It was just a dick move on his part and he should have just said it. Anything less than that sounds like a sh*tty excuse.

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I didn't see this one here when I posted on the NFL forum.

I have no doubt he was doing his best to impede the runner however slight it may have been and that really bothers me. I don't think its proper conduct or etiquette for an NFL coach to be anywhere close that situation. Honestly what was he trying to do? And what would his excuse be had Jones actually run into him?

I doubt that they will be docked a draft pick but maybe they should as a warning to anyone in the future.

During the pre-game of the MNF game in September, James Harrison paused long when asked about Tomlin. His comment was basically "I always thought he was just one of us". Nuff said.

I think his true abilities are in full view now. Missing the playoffs two years in a row a coincidence? I think not.

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