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Wild Card Game Thread


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So here we are after 162 games played and find ourselves in a one game win or go home scenario.

I don't like it, but it is what it is.

Tuesday night at 8pm at the Pirates for the chance to continue in the playoffs.

Cueto vs. Liriano

I have no idea what to expect and can't even begin to think about calling this one.

What Reds team shows up ?? If it's the same one from the last series of the season, they are done.

If they win, they travel to St. Louis to start the 5 game series Thursday.

If they lose, they travel to the airport and take their asses home.

Here's to hoping we see them in St. Louis Thursday.


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Tribe is in as well. I bought tickets (nosebleed) for the tribe's first home game in the divisional series, should they win the wild card game. My baseball crazed 9 year-old will get to miss school the next day if it turns out to be on a weeknight. Could have just bought the wild card game, but, should they lose the WC game, I didn't want to be there and watch their season end. Even if they lose the series game there will still be hope. Yes, my bengalfandom has informed my Tribe fandom.

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Glad I didn't stay up to see Choo, Votto, Phillips, Bruce, Cozart, Hannigan and Frasier go a collective 3-25.

I see Ludwick had 3 hits.

When Cueto gave up that 2nd dinger I told my wife she could change the channel if she wanted.

The frustration continues for Cincinnati sports fans.

There will be some interesting moves this offseason I think.

I did have a good time going down to the ballpark this year and watched some really good games.

Here's to hoping for more of that next season and a team that will get us back there again.


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Yeah, as much as I like Hamilton's speed, I would prefer Choo remain.

What he did (for the most part) in that leadoff role was night and day from last season.

I recall a time or two seeing an outfield with Choo in left, Hamilton in center, and Bruce in right.

I would be good with seeing that next year.

Another question is, was this Arroyo's last year in Cincinnati ??

Cingrani is obviously going to make the rotation next year, so what gives ??

Cozart and Frasier are about what you would expect, but I find myself wanting to see more consistency.

I suppose that could be said with almost any of them at one point in time of the season or another, but those two seem to stand out.

Also, I absolutely love Hannigan BEHIND the plate. AT the plate with a bat in his hand ?? Not so much.

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Also, I absolutely love Hannigan BEHIND the plate. AT the plate with a bat in his hand ?? Not so much.

He's been a solid hitter in years past.

Frazier has been an excellent defensive 3rd baseman.

Between the two of them, I'd part with Cozart, but then...who is actually out there that would be a clear upgrade?

Really, we need two things:

1) Healthy pitchers.

2) More consistency at the plate. We have a lot of good hitters, but they are either off or on. There doesn't seem to be any in between. But, this really seems to come down to our hitters needing to rethink their approach rather than just ditching them and finding new guys.

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Oh, don't get me wrong I like the guys on the roster, but like you, I want more consistency at the plate.

That would solve a lot of problems. I recall looking at the lineup at the beginning of the season and going "WOW" !!!

We got that every here and there, but there were times when we didn't and when we needed it most, it was nowhere to be found.

What gives with Cueto ?? When he's healthy, he's great. When he's not, well, you know.

I simply don't know what to make of him at this point. I know Dusty likes him.

Then there's Dusty. I'm not one to simply hate Dusty because it appears to be the cool thing to do.

I am curious however, to see what happens with him moving forward. The players seem to really like him.

That can be both a good and bad thing.

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