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Pittsburgh and Green Bay


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If anyone fancies meeting up for a beer before the Pittsburgh or Green Bay games (Green Bay is also the Oktoberfest weekend :cheers:/> ) then perhaps we can get a few Zoners together and chug a jar or two before the game .

Anyone got any suggestions for good bars in the downtown area ???

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We'll be arriving in the early hours of Monday morning for the Pittsburgh game ... then heading down to the Appalachians for a few days day after the game, getting back into Cincy on the Saturday before the Green Bay game

Would be good to catch up with any 'Zoners that are around either on the afternoon/early evening of the Pittsburgh game, or the Sat/Sun of the Green Bay game.

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Nicholson's sells itself as a Scottish boozer and the staff even wear kilts, on occasion. Good for a post game bevvy, as only a 5 min walk from PBS. Decent grub too.

http://nicholsonspub.com/ :cheers:/>

sounds like a place to check out .....cheers GB :sure:/>

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2 great games and another 2 great wins.

(My record of seeing the Bengals stands at 15 Bengals games attended - won 13, lost 1 in O/T (tampa Bay) and lost 1 outright (Minnesota))

PBS crowd generating lots of noise/atmos - never heard it so raucous !

Think my heart is just about back to normal pace following the Green Bay finale

Does anyone know if NFL games are avaiable on DVD at all? It would be good to have a copy of these games to watch at some point in the future

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Scottish, I think the Bengals need to bring you in for good luck !!!

On their coin of course !!!


I concur. If I hadn't just lost my job I'd consider chipping in.

That blows. Good luck hunting!

Thanks. It's even harder when you were scapegoated by your boss to cover for the fact that he uses company time and resources to pursue his own side business.

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