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Who did you want in past drafts?

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Football season hasn’t started yet so I was thinking of a subject to speak about. So, here is a question, in past drafts, who have you wanted the Bengals to draft, but they didn’t and how is that player doing/did for their team?

I have two. # 1 I wanted to draft Andrew Luck but he elected to stay in school when we had a good chance to take him. E took Dalton and I’m happy with that pick. I also wanted to select Russell Wilson. Andrew and Russell turned out pretty good.

This year, I wanted Marcus Lattimore but he went to the 48er’s. This guy is going to be great, just wait and see. However, I’m happy with the RB that we selected.

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Lets see, looking back at the last ten drafts...


Bengals took: Chris Perry

I wanted: Igor Olshansky

Winner: me, though that isn't saying much. A sack of sht would have been more valuable than Perry.


Bengals took: David Pollack

I wanted: Cadilliac Williams

Winner: push. Williams was way gone when they picked and I was fine with Pollack, though I wanted to leave him at DE.


Bengals took: Johnathan Joseph

I wanted: Joseph

Winner: both. Still think not keeping him was a mistake.


Bengals took: Leon Hall

I wanted: Amobi Okoye or Greg Olsen

Winner: Bengals


Bengals took: Keith Rivers

I wanted: Sedrick Ellis, Ryan Clady or Brandon Albert

Winner: me.


Bengals took: Andre Smith

I wanted: BJ Raji

Winner: push, leaning Bengals


Bengals took: Jermaine Gresham

I wanted: Gresham

Winner: none. Jermaine has let us both down.


Bengals took: AJ Green

I wanted: Nick Fairly

Winner: Bengals. I wasn't all that crazy about Fairly but didn't want a WR at 4.


Bengals took: Dre Kirkpatrick

I wanted: Kirkpatrick

Winner: none so far


Bengals took: Tyler Eifert

I wanted: Eifert

Winner: we will see

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Awesome reply! And I agree with mst of it. If Pollack didn't get hurt!!! We should have never let Joseph go!! Rivers didn't do anything for us and I was hoping he'd be a killer. Don't think he was the same after Ward broke his jaw. I still don't like Smith. Shows up over weight, out of shape poor work ethic. We sign him to another deal this year and now he's skipping OTA's for personal reasons. Sigh!!!

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I have gone back and forth on Moobs. By the time they took him I had pretty much come to accept the pick. But I soured on him after his first two years and was rather vocal in the anti-Smith camp. But he started to turn it around in year 3 and came on last season, so he's won me back over. Not being at the OTAs is a disappointment to me, though. He has plenty of room to improve and I thought the light had gone on in the "pro" department.

In short he's been an exasperating pick.

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I will go back and look at the other drafts and see what I can remember, but wanted to say this:

No one knows the "personal" nature of why Smith isn't at OTA's and if coach is good, there is no reason for speculation and hate.

It's voluntary and if it were Green who had the "personal issues" no one would be saying much.

Must be hate to have such harsh feelings for a player widely regarded as one of the best at his position.

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For me Army, that's just it: I think Smith does have the tools to be one of the best, if not the best, tackles in the game. But he still needs work. To me this brings back memories of Houshmandzadeh, who started skipping OTAs after not getting paid in 2006. Smith supposedly wanted a lot more than he got. I hope this isnt a similar protest.

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Oh I get that thought Hoosier and if in fact his absence is due to his thoughts on a contract, then that is an issue.

I just haven't seen anywhere or heard the coaches hint at anything of that nature.

I will admit he certainly can improve, but am not concerned at this point.

I do wish he were there though, but I wish that of all players.

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Smith, had one good year so far. However, he possess a poor work attitude. He’s lazy, holds out, reports to camp over weight, out of shape and not prepared. Now he’s missed OTA’s for what is called personal reasons. I spent 22 years in the Army and never missed work for personal reasons (and believe me there were tons), and yea I know this isn’t the military. However, we’ve had almost two weeks of OTA’s and he’s missed all of them for personal reasons…. Read between the lines. Do I hate this guy and wish him bad luck? No. I hope he becomes the player that he can be but he hasn’t demonstrated or shown the traits of someone who is professional or cares about the team. We have a good chance to go really far into the playoffs this year, maybe to the Super Bowl and we need every player and coached focused and dedicated to that mission. AJ Smith is our best WR and he’s there trying to improve! Pecko has been a force for us for years and he’s there preparing for the season as well!! All I’m saying is that I don’t see the work ethic or the dedication to strive for greatness from this guy.

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Smith has had two poor years due to injury. Now arguing those injuries could have been prevented with harder work on his part is negotiable.

His third year was nothing less than solid to above average.

Last year placed him in the top 3 of his position, with many saying he was the best RT in the league.

I wish people would stop saying he had one good season. It's not close to being fact.

Please someone tell me what is meant by "personal reasons" in regards to why Smith isn't here.

I won't hold my breath and without knowing that, you are pissing up a rope.

If his personal reasons are garbage, fine bash away. I won't defend that.

If his personal reasons are legitimate, people look stupid.

Let things play themselves out.

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How would we know what the personal reasons are? Maybe it's in regards to his legal case. Maybe he has an ill family member. Who knows? Why is it a big deal to you that he has something personal that he needs to take care of?

What access have you had to seeing about his work ethic or dedication in these past few years? He was very good last year and good the year before that as well. You're still grinding an axe over him coming in fat his rookie year and getting injured. Get over it. He's turned the corner and is an elite player at his position. Happy that we got him so cheap.

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there is no players i did want bengals to pick only because i dont watch college football, so all players are unknown to me until they play in NFL.

example, i dont know who Luck and RG3 is until they play for colts/redskins. if u ask me what college they play for, my answer will be DUNNO ;)

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I have gone back and forth on Moobs. By the time they took him I had pretty much come to accept the pick. But I soured on him after his first two years and was rather vocal in the anti-Smith camp. But he started to turn it around in year 3 and came on last season, so he's won me back over. Not being at the OTAs is a disappointment to me, though. He has plenty of room to improve and I thought the light had gone on in the "pro" department.

In short he's been an exasperating pick.

Re: Missing OTAs...any chance that has to do with any service etc. stemming from the gun on plane incident? Marvin seems well aware of why he is missing and isn't raising any concerns at any rate.

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That it's related to the gun incident is a popular theory. If so though, you'd think we would be hearing something about a court appearance or community service or whatever.

I don't think his absence is worth making a federal case out of, it just continues a pattern for me. Every time I'm ready to write Smith off, he does something that make me stop and look again. Then as soon as I'm ready to hop back on the Moobs-wagon, something like this happens to make me wonder if anything has changed after all.

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2004- I wanted Chris Gamble

2005- I can't say as I recall, but remember wanting them to leave Pollack at DE

2006- I wanted Joseph

2007- I wanted Nelson (funny how that worked)

2008- I wanted Sedrick Ellis (he's now a FA)

2009- I wanted Andre Smith and am still happy about the pick

2010- I wanted Dez Bryant

2011- I wanted AJ Green

2012- I wanted DeCastro and Kirkpatrick

2013- I wanted Matt Elam

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2004 wanted Karlos Dansby, got Two Carry Perry instead. Still angry about this one.

2005 wanted Pollack, but as others have said, wanted him as a DE. Wrote a LOOOOOONG post here about why he HAD to be the one we picked

2006 wanted Manny Lawson, but was somewhat happy we got JJ.

2007 wanted Lawrence Timmons (yeah, I keep wanting front 7) and was especially ticked off that he went to the hated Steelers. My backup choice was Beason.

2008 wanted Sedrick Ellis 1 or Derrick Harvey. Very pissed when we didnt trade up for Ellis, and even more pissed when Jacksonville traded just ahead of us to get Harvey. Of course, neither of these guys or the guy we got have done anything of note.

2009 wanted an OLineman, but I dont recall which one I liked best. I recall liking more than one, and never really falling in love with any one of them

2010 can't remember. weird.

2011 wanted Dareus, and recall being pissed we took a WR. so so so SO glad they didn't do what I wanted :-)

2012 wanted Dre and DeCastro. Shocked that we could have had DeCastro at 21, and chose to trade down rather than take him. As it turns out, Zeitler (so far > DeCastro and Thompson is icing on that cake, despite the fact that he has yet to show me anything

2013 Wanted Vaccaro, Elam, or A Brown, but I am quite happy so far with Eifert, which isn't saying much :-)

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2002 - The Jones pick was mocked but I did not mind it. I did like Hayneswirth and Lito Sheppard. Not a huge issue with Jones, wished he'd have played longer with us. A very good O line at the time.

2003 - It was Carson all the way. Too bad he ended up poisoned by being here through the post-Chernobyl years...

2004 - Can't clearly recall who I liked best but didn't mind the Perry pick. I think I liked Dansby and D Williams...think this is the year Spikes left.. holes at LB? Also, this is the year that gave us Ratliff...has there ever been a bigger whiff on our R1 and R2? why, yes.... the next year....

2005 - Didn't like the Pollack pick. Thought he was very overrated. I recall liking Erasmus James a bit. Also Fabian Washington at CB... Looking at that year's NFL r1, what a bunch of misses across the board....wow.

2006 - I really wanted Kiwanuka. Joseph was meh to me for a couple years. Wished they had not let him walk.

2007 - I really like Patrick Willis but knew they'd never get him. Was OK with Hall...

2008 - I pimped for Ellis hard. Saw him alot at USC and thought he'd do what Atkins has done. Was OK with Rivers but he never had it.

2009 - I was all about Raji. Monroe was also someone I liked. Smith as been frsutrating but still may pull it out after a good two year run, and a real nice season last year.

2010 - I did not want Gresham. His injury had me rattled. As did Gronk's, who was pimped hard by a few here. I wanted Dez Bryant. Imagine Dez, instead of Gresham, alongside AJ Green. Sick. I also liked Eric Berry quite a bit. That would have been nice to move up for him.

2011 - I initially though Julio Jones would be a better pro player. Green has the edge right now, despite ATL having the better QB. I liked Von Miller a bit and Patrick Peterson, too.

2012 - I liked Mark Barron quite a bit. I recall liking Dre but not sure if he'd be there. I also thought they might make a play fo Trent Richardson...

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Back in 2002 I remember being initially flabbergasted by the "who?" selection of Levi Jones and didn't like the pick. But he proved me wrong, at least for a few years. I can't say who I was pimping that year but I remember being high on Shockey.

In 2003 I was on the Terance-Newman-with-the-first-overall-pick bandwagon. Didn't like Leftwich. Thought Carson would make a fine QB (goofy "brain type analysis" notwithstanding) but I wanted to roll with Kitna and get to work fixing our awful defense.

Eventually got my guy... :lol:

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2002 ??

Without looking at the rest of the drafts, was that the last time we took a safety within the first two rounds ??

Don't bother, double checked and forgot about Madieu Williams in the 2nd round of 2004.

Still a long d*mn time...

2003 ??

Yeah, I was all about Palmer, but remember the Newman conversation for sure.

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If we are going back 10 (or 11 using Big Ten math) drafts:

2003: I wanted to Trade Down and select Newman or Polamalu or if we were bound and determined to select a QB @ 1 I wanted Leftwich.....

2004: I wanted Kenechi Udeze or Vernon Carey (both gone) pre-draft and I wanted Chris Gamble at our selection

2005: David Pollack all the way, I was so excited by this draft!.....turned out one of the worst drafts in Bengals history goes to show....

2006: I was a big Manny Lawson guy but he went a couple of selections before so I was pretty great with Joseph

2007: I was for Amobi Okoye if he fell but I was high on Hall (though I didn't think we were going to take CB in back to back 1sts) or Nelson or Bowe.

2008: I wanted to trade up for Chris Long or Sedrick Ellis, I was pretty ok with Rivers though.

2009: I was PISSED at the Andre Smith selection, I wanted Eugene Monroe or trade down to select *cough, cough* mumbling something about Rey Maualuga being a top 15 pick

2010: Mike Iupati was my guy pre-draft at our position during the draft (since Iupati was gone) I wanted Weatherspoon, I thought the TE position was so deep in this draft that a very good one could have been had later.

2011: I wanted Peterson or Miller as with the previous year (at TE) I had a bunch of WRs graded about the same (Green, Baldwin, Smith, and Jones) and thought we should take the defensive guy and the WR in the second which would have cost us Dalton and I freely admit to being dead wrong happily!(of course in my defense I thought there was a 0% chance of trading Palmer for anything noteworthy and assumed we would eventually work something out with #9). I also wanted Kaepernick or Dalton in the second or third.

2012: I wanted DeCastro but Zeitler was high on my list as well, I was all about Kirkpatrick though I wanted him after the DeCastro selection.

2013: I wanted Cyprien or Arthur Brown, Jr. or a trade up for Tavon Austin

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