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Rounds 1-3 Grade - Progressive view


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SO far, Iw ill give the Bengals a B+.

r1a - Kirkpatrick is solid and will make plays. There is no rush to throw him into the fire, and he has several good vets to learn from. Great pick. A-

r1b - Zeitler is also a very solid pick. Getting him and another r3 is more value that only DeCastro despite DD going to Pitt (grrrr). A-

r2 - Still - Onerrated player who is great value in r2. Will work well in Zim's scheme, working to stop the AFCN teams interior attacks. B+

r3a - Sanu - lots of fire, good skilss and willingness to block and be physical. Maybe not the burner I'd have liked but he does fit into the Gruden offense. B+

r3b - Thomson - interior D lineman with great size and an excellent run stuffer. Will take pressure of Peko and Sims. Depth and value in late r3, had be graded as early r2. B+

I'm pleased with this draft. No real baggage of note. Guys who were productive, in addition to being great athletes.

Well done, SoP, well done.

Now, for r4 please find another WR. Streeter and Jones might be there. They have great size and speed. Grab one.

r5a - go LB, like maybe a guy like JOsh Kaddu from Oregon or Terrell Manning from NC St.

r5b - go RB, maybe Vic Ballard, a bell cow guy who can pound it

r5c - go DE, depth/project pick.. offse against an injury to Dunlap/Johnson...Malik Jackon?

r6 - take a flyer on another WR. Another big guys with wheels, Michael Calvin (6-3, 215 - 4.35 40yr dash)

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Id give them a A..tempted to add a plus.

Dre yes he was the third best corner available but really I dont see how the 17 pick could have been better with who was available...

Zeitmeister Decastro was the player I wanted most in this draft but Im happy with how things turned out he seems well suited for the north.

Still I did not want a DT in round one unless some how Ngata reentered the draft,but a round one talent Dt at 53the makes me excited DL Rotation is so important keeping big nastys fresh will help is tons..

SANU! this guy may just be my favorite pick of the draft which is though because you look at my avatar and I was rooting for shipley to shoe he can be a 2# but now I know he'll only be #3a buy a damn good #3 he will be..

Thompson :anyways this pick had me think WTF at first but I warmed to it very quickly A strong Dline rotation is important and you don't want your big nasts being out of gas i was the 4th quarter and with the rotation we have our Dline will be fresh the entire game and I LOVE THAT good luck Steelers and Ravens running the rock in the 4tgass quarter Because Dem Bengals are ready

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As what I would like ro see in rest of the Draft

QB we are okay

RB we need someone to push Scott imo Leonard is safe he is un replacacle to me

TE I like our 3 if we want another pass catcher let coffman make final roster

WR truthfully i love our corps only thing I feel is needed is a savy vet

Oline im happy

Dline well is fine MJ can be our pure pass rusher amd moch can always put his hand down and be our elvis..

LB :well im happy with our starters they are all free agents but we have muckleroy and moch for Depth i would like to see us add a WLB encase we cant keep Howard next year though they said muckleroy plays all 3time spots..

CB:really we dont have room for anyone else I like what we have and im rooting for ghee to figure ot out because I feel we are lacking a true cover corner since Jjoe left

Saf: I love Nelson and mays as our starters WRs should fear catching the ball because both guys can hit but I do think we need someone behind reggie at FS

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Overall grade based upon my ever meaningless perception of the players we took: B+

I don't want to just hand the Bengals an 'A' because I'd feel like a homer (since I wasn't completely unspeakably thrilled with everything), so I'll give them the next best thing. I thought Kirkpatrick was a logical and predictable pick, so I have no complaints. Zeitler + Thompson might just make more sense for this team than DeCastro would have alone. Devon Still also bolsters our depth at our most important unit, the one that defines our style of play. Sanu was an awesome pick and a perfect fit for the #2 role in this offense.

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I give them a solid A and I don't know if I ever have done that before. I don't so much go by the combine times on speed. Look at the film of Sanu. The guy's not slow. He's great value at that pick and exactly what we needed opposite AJ.

The #1 thing on my list going into this draft was a solid G. I loved Decastro and I hate the thought of going against him and Pouncy for the next decade but Zeitler seems to fit Alexander's system better.

Now I'd like a diamond in the rough RB and maybe even a 5th rd flier on Burfict

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Yeah the moment I recalled the Bengals' run defense at the end of last season I realized I loved the Thompson pick.

This. Mentioned it in the Thompson thread...accessed my memories of Foster and Rice running over them when it mattered, and decided I was actually pretty thrilled with the pick.

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Yeah the moment I recalled the Bengals' run defense at the end of last season I realized I loved the Thompson pick.


They are finally trying to fix weaknesses in the defense. Instead of getting wrapped up in the thought that "well, we were #7 overall." The defensive line is not deep.

It is now.

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It's what all the cool kids are saying this year !!!

To this point though, I give the draft a solid "A".

Need a CB?? Check

Need a OG?? Check

Need a #2 WR?? Check

Need to reinforce the d-line?? Check

And they did it with value guys who produced at the college level and little to no issue.

That's a freakin' landfall for the Bengals !!!

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both of the selected cornerbacks played gunner and can really hit. Sanu blocks. There's two big defensive tackles, and a pancaking OG. Very physical TE. The safety's huge.

looks like a Steelers draft to me. Kudos.

there'll be some wicked competitions in camp. Some good young players and long-time vets will be released. It would be a good year for Hard Knocks.

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