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3rd Round #2: Brandon Thompson


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CBS projected him as a second round pick.

Pass rush: Arguably his best skill due to an extraordinary burst off the snap. Explodes out of his stance, demonstrating a burst upfield to slip gaps and the lateral agility once past the line of scrimmage to chase down the quarterback. Inconsistent use of hands. Flashes quick hands to slap away blocks, but too often gets caught in the hand-fighting at the line of scrimmage rather than quickly disengaging. Uses a swim move occasionally, though is only marginally effective with it. May be limited with this technique due to short arms. Good upper-body strength and leg drive for the bull rush.

Run defense: Penetrates through gaps, often forcing running backs to elude him or the back end of the offensive lineman he's pushing before they even reach the line of scrimmage. Inconsistent in his ability to separate from blocks, however, making him more of a nuisance than a snap-to-snap terror. Good anchor to hold up at the point, though he does not possess the bulk or lower-body strength to hold up to double teams. Good effort pursuing laterally. Quick feet and good balance to slide down the line and possesses the burst to slip through gaps.

Explosion: Pops off tape due to his explosive first few steps. While powerful, doesn't rock the guard/center back with his upper-body strength or explode into tackles.

Strength: Good weight-room strength, which translates onto the field in terms of his anchor. Isn't able to consistently shed blocks and makes plays in the hole. Good strength for the drag-down tackle. Tackling: Can make the impressive chest-to-chest bear hug tackle in the hole due to his ability to wreak havoc in the backfield. Good strength, though his marginal arm length limits his ability to grab hold of ballcarriers as they run by. Willing to lay out and shows good hand-eye coordination to trip up ballcarriers.

Intangibles: Nicknamed "Yams" because of his huge thighs, which aid in his role as a run-stuffer. Won the Strength Training Award among Clemson defensive tackles in the spring of 2010. Tied for third on the team with a 425-pound bench press. Lifted 225 pounds 30 times for Clemson coaches. A pre-Business major who earned a spot on the Honor Roll in the spring of 2010. --Rob Rang

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Based off NFL Rankings one best players Available but still Did we need another DT? did Geno die and I just don't know it?

Love this pick. Not a need pick but great value. Really didn't see this happening after we got Devon Still.

Agreed Hence why I really don't mind it just abit confused is all,But there isn't really a position I feel we have to go in the draft pretty much go for good value...Though RB and OLB would be nice....

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Thompson brings value to the NFL in that he can play both defensive tackle or nose tackle at the NFL level. With his size and athletic ability, Thompson has been disruptive for Clemson. He plays stout against the run and will plug the hole well for an NFL team. He is able to find the ball as a defender and is effective after the snap in making plays in the backfield. He doesn't bring a ton of pass-rush ability, but he will be able to serve as a strong presence up front. He has the talent to warrant a late first or early second-round pick.


Thompson is an incredible run defender inside. He is consistent in his play and uses his feet to make plays happen against the run. He comes off the ball quickly and is able to fill gaps well at his size. He also make plays on the ball carrier. He is a very strong player who knows how to use his hands and disrupt plays in the backfield.


Thompson tends to be negated by double teams inside. His substandard technique can limit him at times and contributes to his inability to get past those doubles. Though he is stellar against the run, he is limited against the pass, only occasionally making things happen as a rusher.

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Another Defensive Tackle...What the..........F........Guess he was too good to pass rated 85 on NFL.

PS,Sims out the door? Don't see how we keep 5 true DT's when Several of our DE's can play Elephant

Piling up the big boys!!!! I guess Sims health is still a question? Things did fall apart when he went out.

Good value but how many fatties do they need???

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STRENGTHS: Gets a great burst at the line of scrimmage and has excellent explosion out of his stance. Uses his hands very well to disengage his blocker and has good speed for a player that is 314 pounds. Moves laterally well and can track the ball. Very good run stopping defensive tackle.

WEAKNESSES: He does not possess a wide variety of moves that allow him to get into the backfield. He has a good burst, but isn’t necessarily great at shooting the gap. He needs to work on using his hands to get free of the blocker, and perhaps developing a few pass rushing moves.

OVERALL: Should be a good player against the run in the NFL, but needs to develop as a pass rusher if he’s going to play in a 4-3 defense. Could see time as a 3-4 defensive end, as he has the right size for the job.

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Can someone list all the DT's we now have on the roster and when their deals are up please ??

I'm just curious how this looks and I don't have time.

Well I don't know about camp fodder but

Geno Atkins (2 years)

Pat Sims (1 Year)

Peko (2-3 Years)

Now 2 Rookies....

Our DLine is STACKED. Great value there. BPA type of pick for sure. Zim is definitely happy tonight.

Ya Carlos & MJ Better be happy cause their always going have fresh bigboys on the inside...

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Can someone list all the DT's we now have on the roster and when their deals are up please ??

I'm just curious how this looks and I don't have time.

Atkins UFA 2014

Peko UFA 2015

Sims UFA 2013

Hayden ?? signed to fill in for Sims last December so probably 2013

Figure Hayden goes buh-bye and Sims is on the bubble.

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Well, you all know - I have made it clear enough, right? - I love me some lineman

And I like this guy, I do....good value for a late 3: http://www.draftcountdown.com/ScoutingReports/DT/Brandon-Thompson.php

but, uhm.......it all starts need, and we already got our DT in r2.

This pick needed to be a pass rushing DE, S, or (worst case) a RB

So.....I like the guy, but I DO NOT like the pick

If that makes sense.

Bye Pat Sims. Man, Bengals are taking this stick-to-the-board thing seriously.

Also, you gimme-a-lineman types must never talk again.

Err.....we still need that DE, dude. And maybe a C.

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