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We need help with our DB's


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We need a lot of help with our DB’s. Not sure if it was a coaching scheme or the players but we couldn’t cover anybody all season. Most of the time WR had a good 10 yard cushion!! Here are the FA to look at!

Brent Grimes (ATL)

Carlos Rogers (SF)

Cortland Finnegan (TEN)

Brandon Carr (KC)

Tracy Porter (NO)

Terrell Thomas (NYG)

Marcus Trufant (SEA)

Ronde Barber (TB)

Richard Marshall (ARZ)

Kelvin Hayden (ATL)

Cletis Gordon (CAR)

Zackary Bowman (CHI)

Corey Graham (CHI)

Tim Jennings (CHI)

Kelly Jennings (CIN)

Alan Ball (DAL)

Eric Wright (DET)

Jarrett Bush (GB)

Pat Lee (GB)

Jason Allen (HOU)

Dwight Lowery (JAC)

Rashean Mathis (JAC)

William Middleton (JAC)

Will Allen (MIA)

Antwaun Molden (NE)

Michael Coe (NYG)

Aaron Ross (NYG)

Donald Strickland (NYJ)

William Gay (PIT)

Al Harris (STL)

Elbert Mack (TB)

A.J. Jefferson (ARZ) - CB - Exclusive Rights

Greg Toler (ARZ) - CB - Restricted

Lardarius Webb (BAL) - CB - Restricted

R.J. Stanford (CAR) - CB - Exclusive Rights

Jacob Lacey (IND) - CB - Restricted

Bruce Johnson (NYG) - CB - Restricted

Marquice Cole (NYJ) - CB - Restricted

Keenan Lewis (PIT) - CB - Restricted

Byron Westbrook (WAS) - CB - Restricted


LaRon Landry (WAS)

Michael Griffin (TEN)

Chris Harris (DET)

Tyvon Branch (OAK)

Brandon Meriweather (CHI)

Hamza Abdullah (ARZ)

Thomas DeCoud (ATL)

James Sanders (ATL)

Tom Zbikowski (BAL)

Bryan Scott (BUF)

Craig Steltz (CHI)

Reggie Nelson (CIN)

Gibril Wilson (CIN)

Mike Adams (CLE)

Abram Elam (DAL)

Gerald Sensabaugh (DAL)

Erik Coleman (DET)

Dominique Barber (HOU)

Courtney Greene (JAC)

Jon McGraw (KC)

Husain Abdullah (MIN)

Tyrell Johnson (MIN)

Derrick Martin (NYG)

Jim Leonhard (NYJ)

Brodney Pool (NYJ)

Steve Gregory (SD)

Paul Oliver (SD)

Bob Sanders (SD)

Dashon Goldson (SF)

Reggie Smith (SF)

Madieu Williams (SF)

Tanard Jackson (TB)

Sean Jones (TB)

Corey Lynch (TB)

Jordan Babineaux (TEN)

Chris Hope (TEN)

Anthony Smith (TEN)

Rashad Johnson (ARZ) - S - Restricted

Jeromy Miles (CIN) - S - Exclusive Rights

Randy Phillips (DET) - S - Exclusive Rights

Bret Lockett (NE) - S - Exclusive Rights

Jonathon Amaya (NO) - S - Exclusive Rights

Jerome Boyd (OAK) - S - Exclusive Rights

Tramaine Brock (SF) - S - Exclusive Rights

C.J. Spillman (SF) - S - Restricted

Darian Stewart (STL) - S - Exclusive Rights

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Matt Miller (a scout/writer that I follow) said that Jamell Fleming (Oklahoma CB) has really impressed at the Senior Bowl.

Miller is saying he's been very physical at the line and very tough to get separation from him... and is predicting he will be a top 25 pick.

I remember hearing his name called several times against Iowa in the Bowl game, so I went and watched his highlights from the game. He blanketed McNutt in that game. He is very willing in run support and is a strong and aggressive tackler.

I would not be upset in the least if he is the pick at #21.

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LaRon Landry would be a nice FA to get.

He has all the talent in the world... but he has missed more games than he has played in the last two years.

I'd rather get a guy like Michael Griffin. Less overall talent... but he's durable, so he will play. Bengal fans should know better than anyone that nothing is worse than paying big money to a FA to have him sit on IR.

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Jenkins will go in the first easily, but he's not the one I want.

I want Kirkpatrick. There are others that will satisfy my need for a CB, so i'm not as hell bent.

My hell bent begins and ends with DeCastro, but that's another thread.

I would love Kirkpatrick as well, but im not so sure he will be there.

Gilmore in the second would be pretty good as well, but i dont see him being there when they pick in the second.

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I'd be happy with Trumaine Johnson, Dre Kirkpatrick or Morris Claiborne.

Janoris Jenkins appears to have the physical capabilities and could be a straight away starter but problems with attitude and the law would lean me away from this pick .... we've had too many players with baggage/issues in my opinion.

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Gilmore in the second would be pretty good as well, but i dont see him being there when they pick in the second.

He might not be there when the pick in the 1st. Gilmore had a good combine... and is also a very good return man. He won't make it out of the 1st round.

After Gilmore, I've taken a real liking to Jamell Fleming. Check him out. He's better than Dre Kirkpatrick in my opinion, but didn't get the national hype from playing at Alabama.

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Still not sure on Gillmore. While he had a very good combine, he was very inconsistent through the season.

If he puts it together week in and week out, he will be a playmaker. Tape will hurt him I think.

Fleming wouldn't hurt my feelings either and is another CB I could see us really looking at should we pass on the position in the first.

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Sorry cant really get excited about this news. I truly hope they go in a much better direction, its time to get better in the secondary not worse. The fact that they didnt want to frachise Nelson, which i think we all agree was pretty cheap, dosnt sound like they are doing much to fix it. No to Pacman, and if he does come back i hope its for nothing but a 4th conerback, and a return guy, other then that no thanks. The secondary needs fixed bad, and he is not the answer.

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Sure he has special teams value as a returner, but I hate his attitude on the field and we all know he hasn't gotten over his lack of intelligence off the field. I just think it's time to move on. If they want a young, dynamic returner, address it later in the draft. Lets not pretend Pacman was taking them back to the house all season long. Wait, did he take any ??

Is Ghee really that d*mn bad ??

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