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Well here's my statistical breakdown of how the teams stand and how the game may pan out:-

Houston are 9-3 against a Cincy side that are 7-5 and coming into town on the back of a 6 win streak, whereas the Bengals need to pick themselves up after last weeks roasting in Pittsburgh.

Houston are 4-2 on the road and Cincinnati are 3-2 at home, however the stay away fans, which means another tv blackout in The Queen City, won't be creating too much of a home field advantage - perhaps the weather will be more benevolant towards the home team with a pm high of just 4 degs Centigrade (feeling like 1 deg above freezing) and a mild 4mph breeze from the south east.

The Texans are gaining an ave 376 offensive yards (223 passing, 153 rushing)

The Bengals are giving up an ave 306 yds (210 passing, 96 rushing)

The Bengals are gaining an ave 326 yds per game (218 passing, 108 rushing)

The Texans are allowing an ave 274 yds per game (183 passing, 91 rushing)

Slight edge to the Texans in ground gained, estimating 350 yds overall, 220 passing and 110 rushing), against Cincys estimated 300 yds overall (200 passing and 100 rushing)

Houston are averaging approx 26 points per game, Cincy allowing 21. Cincy score approx ave of 22 per game whilst the Texans allow 16.

Slight edge to Houston with an estimated 24 - 20 outcome on paper.

Houston aver a 43% conversion rate of 3rd downs with Cincy allowing 35%.

Bengals convert a ratio of 36% with Houston allowing 31%.

Slight edge to Houston with an estimated 39% success rate against Cincinnati's 33%

The Texans have out scored their opponents with First Downs by 242 against 193. Cincy are 210 against 209. Edge Houston.

The Texans have out-sacked thier opponents 35 to 19. Cincinnati have a 31 to 20 score. Slight edge to Houston.

The Texans are 22 of 26 on Field Goals, Cincinnati are 21 of 23. Slight edge to Cincinnati.

The Texan turnover ratio stands at +12, whilst the Bengals are -1. Strong edge to Houston.

Both teams are suffering from injuries. Andre Johnson is out will be some cmfort to a depleted and dinged Bengals secondary.

Cedric Benson is likely to go and will need to start putting up some numbers if he is to break 1000 yds this season. AJ Green to can take a big step toward a four figure first season.

The Texans are playing for a possible divisional title and the confidence of 6 consecutive victories will be hard for a staggering Bengals team to overcome. Cincinnati will be playing for a shot at a wild card place and after a free-fall from grace in the 4 run stretch of divisional games it will be interesting to see how a young Bengals side picks itself up. Last weeks Pittsburgh drubbing, which effectively killed off any divisional title dreams that may have been achievable, have left the Bengals with just a wildcard place to aim for.

A Cincinnati win today ensures a non-losing season, which at the start of September seemed like a fantasy stat in itself.

Head says a routine Texan victory 27-17 whereas my stripey old heart is holding out for a 24-21 Bengals win.

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I can't see H.F.A being any advantage at PBS other than the Texans have to travel. The stadium isn't sold out (hence the local tv blackout) and the weather isn't particulary unfavourable towards Houston. What I'd give to have a partisan crowd and a deafening Jungle that would make opponents dread coming here.

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I don't know why, but I think the Bengals win today.

I don't think they should, but think they will.

Pretty sound thinking huh ??


Bengals- 24

Texans- 20

Hope you're right Mark. I haven't done well with predictions as of late, so I'll abstain today.

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Is Peerman good enough to be an NFL back-up? Good question, today may go some way to answering that or at least giving CP an opportunity to prove he could be by next season.

Is Scott good enough t be a starting back in the League? Or will we be looking to use (possibly) the Raiders pick in taking a potential starter at RB??

There's a lot of sub-plots featured around this game today.

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i wish our Tate could find holes like that!!

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