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Bengals @ Jags game thread


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Oooooh it's Sunday - that means porrige for breakfast, songs at church, freshly caught haggis for lunch, malt whisky by the half-pint and FOOTBALL !!

Cincy travel to Jacksonville for what could be a weather-influenced game with an "ominous weather report coming out of Jacksonville".

Injuries for the teams are:-


Cox (CB), Owens (RB) are Out.

Miller (TE) Osgood (WR) and Spitz (G) are Doubtful

Greene (S) and Kampman (DE) are Questionable

Alualu (DT) Monroe (T) are Probable


The Bengals have no players listed as "Out"

Jennings (CB) Moch (LB) are Doubtful

Miles (S) is Questionable

Crocker (S) Mays (S) Smith (T) Whitworth (T) are Probable

Of course this will be seen as the battle of the rookie QB's and so far this season Dalton appears to have settled into the NFL far better than Gabbert:-

GABBERT: 33 of 69 for 387 yds and 2 TDs (an additional 43 snaps taken by McCown)

DALTON: 72 of 124 for 868 yds and 4 TDs (an additonal 12 snaps taken by Gradowski)

Bengals have the edge in many match-up areas:-

Total yds gained per game Bengals 340 - 264 Jaguars

Total yds allowed per game Bengals 275 - 335 Jaguars

Passing yds gained per game Bengals 225 - 137 Jaguars

Passing yds allowed per game Bengals 188 -228 Jaguars

Rushing yds gained per game Bengals 115 - 126 Jaguars

Rushing yds allowed per game Bengals 86 - 107 Jaguars

Points per game scored Bengals 20 - 10 Jaguars

Points per game allowed Bengals 18 - 21 Jaguars

3rd down conversions completed Bengals 28% - 32% Jaguars

3rd down conversions allowed Bengals 32% - 37% Jaguars

On the face of it the Bengals have the edge, but with home field advantage and possibly some dodgy weather, plus historically rookie QBs look like Superbowl winners against Cincinnati, this could be a fairly even game.

I would expect the Bengals to win both the passing game and the running game contest to out-yard the Jags in both areas.

I can see the Bengals improving on their 3rd down efficiency.

I can see the Bengals D continuing to limit the opposition.

I can see the Bengals winning 24-13

Enjoy !


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Per Reedy:

#bengals inactives CB Jennings, LB Moch, S Sands, OG Boling, OT Collins, TE Cochart, WR Whalen

Does this mean we might get a little Taylor Mays today?? Maybe on kicks. Looking forward to a great day today — mostly to see if our D can lock Gabbert down. Here's to another week at #1 :cheers:

Jennings not being active makes me wonder if it is because of his health, or because they don't fear Gabbert. Cochart being inactive probably means less double TE sets for running because it only leaves Lee and Gresham on the active roster. As we know Gresham isn't a great run blocker. Poor Whalen thought he was going to get a chance to play with Shipley going down and now he can't even make the active roster.

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Inactives for the Jags:

Jaguars – CB Derek Cox, RB Montell Owens, S Courtney Greene, OL Jason Spitz, DE Aaron Kampman, WR Kassim Osgood, TE Zach Miller

Good no Kampman! Also no Zach Miller, which is good cause we know how hard it is for the Bengals to cover TEs, though they have been better this year.

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Forecast is for thundery rain - can't be any worse than in Charlotte last season and we managed to win that one !

Keep with the ground game, look after the ball, and we be alright today baby!

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Just checking ..kick-off is in about 25mins, right ?

you know what i'm like with these tome differences and I don't want to pop the cork too early !

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Good man, that man! :cheers:

How about the promise of some Billy Broome's Bountiful Big Black Bosom Bonanza for a Bengals win today?

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I have a fetish for severe bruising of mammary glands :lol:

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Anyone else going to predict a final score?

I'll stick by my original 24-13 to the Bengals call

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commentators mentioning wind more than rain as the dominant weather factor

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