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Bengals vs Colts Game Thread and


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No idea how good this site is, never watched anything through them, so please don't hold me responsible for the quality.

Mods - if this sort of message is unacceptable then please feel free to remove it - just thought it may be of genuine interest to fans who cannot access through normal tv channels.

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Thanks for the link. If I see any more I'll post 'em.

As for the game, two words: NO INJURIES. I'm actually happy that Benson is in jail for this one. If I could incarcerate the rest of the first stringers for the evening I would.

Good luck to all those who are about to sacrifice their bodies for a shot at an NFL practice squad!

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I am really hoping there's no injuries woes coming out of this game. I got odds of 12/5 for the Bengals to beat the Browns in the season opener so I've splashed some cash on a bet - a win in Week 1 = a healthy start to my Bengals Fund for a game next year!!!!

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Per Hobson the Bengals will, unsurprisingly, rest some starters.

Crocker and Nelson sit in favor of Mays and Wilson at safety.

Clements and Hall sit, Trent and Wade start at corner.

Bernard Scott sits.

Would have liked to seen Scott run a couple of plays, since he was out most of the preseason. He looked awsome last week, i guess thats why they will sit him

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