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Reds vs. Indians


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Hopefully the Reds got some rest on their day off and hopefully things turn out differently than the last time they played the Indians.

Arroyo kicks things off tonight and a solid outing in the series opener would be very welcoming.

How we are only 2 games back with our inconsistent play is amazing, but I mentioned it in another thread that the play of the teams ahead of us is equally important and fortunately for the Reds, the Brewers and Cardinals haven't been playing much more consistent than us. This upcoming stretch of series will be important for the Reds, but stil not a do or die situation at this point. Keep'em close Dusty...

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From a tribe perspective: Masterson goes tonight, he's been criminally unsupported by the bats. If they hit, he'll probably win. But they only hit about one game in three. Some signs of life shown the last few days when they took 2 out of 3 off the diamondbacks out west. That followed up a horrible stretch, culminated by getting swept by the Giant immediately prior to going to Phoenix.

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7-2 now with the Indians threatening.

Leake is pitching well.

How this kid, just 2 years out of college, doesn't get more recognition is crazy.

Yeah, he allegedly stole some sh*t, but he gets no love.

While typing, he gave up a 2 run single.

7-4 Reds top of the 6th...

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