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Reds vs Indians


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Another battle for Ohio. Reds have had the upper hand the last few years. Hope they can keep it up. GO REDS!!!!! :sure:

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Tomlin is in a zone. The tribe is without Hafner and Sizemore, so if they can just go about .500 while those two are gone, I'll take it.

The announcers today said the Reds are streaky to the extreme, so if the Indians are lucky enough to catch them in a little bit of a spiral, so be it. And that looks exactly like what is happening. The Reds gave Cleveland that game Friday night walking in runs, hitting batters to force in runs, etc. Today's game just one swing made it for the Indians. I'm not disparaging my team, but they aren't exactly mowing teams down.

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See what happens when I'm gone for a few days and I can't start a series thread ??

Well, if we are going the superstitious baseball route with things, Semi is never allowed to start another game thread this season.

Sorry I let the Reds down with my lack of effort heading into this series. Next time I will remind the wife to schedule our childrens baptism on a day off for the Reds.

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