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Inspirational or a cowards way out? Regardless of your answere the following nugget was posted today on CincyJungle, instantly upgrading the quality of writing found on that website. (Apologies to Mokojong)

Mr. Mike Brown


Cincinnati Bengals

One Paul Brown Stadium

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Dear Mr. Brown:

I have been a Bengals fan since the team’s inception. I don’t just go back to Kenny Anderson or Virgil Carter – I go back to John Stofa. I don’t just go back to Riverfront Stadium, I go back to Nippert Stadium.

In January, I’ll turn 60 and I’ve decided that the birthday present I’m giving myself is to no longer be a fan of the Bengals. I’m retiring any sense of Bengal affiliation after 42 years.

This is not because the current team has had such a monumentally disappointing season. Lord knows, there have been disappointing seasons in the past and I’ve stuck it out. Rather, it’s because I’ve finally gotten it through my thick skull that the team will never be competitive.

Read more: http://www.cincyjungle.com/2010/12/8/1865048/are-bengals-fans-quiting-their-jobs

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