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200 and counting


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Mike Brown reached a significant milestone yesterday when he achieved his 200th loss since taking over as GM and de-facto owner in 1991. And for all the Steelers apologists, it's nice to see them on the list. Keep in mind that the seasons were shorter then so racking up such a record took more years than SoP did.

From Joe Reedy's blog:


In case you missed the last paragraph of the game story from Monday night's game, we mentioned that the 27-21 loss to the Steelers marked the 200th regular season loss since Mike Brown became Bengals owner and president in 1991. The current record since 1991 is 113-200-1 meaning he reached it in game 324.

We did some digging around and it is the fastest an NFL owner has reached that mark. The previous standard was Atlanta Falcons original owner Rankin Smith, who reached it in 327 games. The Falcons got their 200th loss on Oct. 16, 1988 at Denver. At the time, that made Smith 122-200-5.

Next up on the list might surprise you — Pittsburgh's Art Rooney. For those not old enough to remember, the Steelers were awful for their first 40 years and Rooney's squad reached 200 losses in 335 games (Oct. 22, 1961 at Cleveland or 118-200-17).

Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell, who took ownership from his father in 1972, reached 200 losses in 340 games 137-200-3. That came in the 1995 opener at Washington.

Had it not been for ownership issues in New Orleans and Tampa Bay, Brown would not be the quickest to 200. The Saints original owner, John Mecom Jr., was 77-173-5 before selling to Tom Benson before the 1995 season. Tampa Bay's Hugh Culverhouse would have reached 200 losses in 284 games, and would have been the runaway leader, but he passed away from lung cancer before the 1994 season opened, leaving his legacy at 81-194-1.

Someone though to keep an eye on — Cleveland's Randy Lerner has 79 losses in 120 games since taking over the franchise when his father, Al, passed away during the 2002 season. Since that season was well under way, we start Randy Lerner's record in 2003. At that current pace, and if he continues to own the team for the next 16-17 years, Lerner could reach that mark somewhere around games 305-310.

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I would encourage the following:

1) Fire the GM

2) Let Marvin go to the Cowboys, as long as he takes Brat, Ocho and TO with him

3) Move the team to LA so I can choose from the Colts, Steelers, Lions and Browns who all appear to be better teams and moving in more positive direction.

It is statistically impossible that this kind of long term ineptitude is not due, at least in part, to Mike Brown.

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It is statistically impossible that this kind of long term ineptitude is not due, at least in part, to Mike Brown.

I agree that some blame should be assigned to Mike Brown, but I don't like that use of the word "impossible".

Odds on getting 200 tails in 334 coin flips? About 1 in 20,000. Not impossible, no - but close enough for gummint work.

Or, if you prefer: how about "Mike Brown's performance is statistically different from the mean at the 99.9% confidence interval" ?

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So he's basically averaged a little less than 6-10 during his 19 plus seasons as GM.

You would think he wants much better......interesting!

I do worry though that there are more 6-10 years on the horizon.

Remember that the difference between 6-10 and 10-6 is a handful of plays. But on occasion, some pixi-dust, "themes", having the same info that everyone else has in the draft and dumb luck figure into the equation too.

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