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Shayne Graham's Replacement?


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Just think, he could be a Bengal for another 15 years as a kicker.

I'm sure Hair and Instigator will greet that thought with joy. :lol:

Meh, he couldn't be worse than Shank-o-matic. Finally find some use for Hair's 'clown shoes' perhaps?

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Punting and placekicking?

Well damn, that's great news.....potentially.

Because if Chad is able to prove his previous kicking audition wasn't a fluke his trade value will increase.

That said, any new respect Chad generates by performing well in yet another meaningless game will probably be negated by reactions to the way he didn't play guitar in his video...."Girl, you tripping"

In short, Chad plays guitar like Laurie Partridge used to play keyboards.

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I can't get the link to work so no article, but...

The Bengals had another kicker in for a workout. Ex-Bronco named Novak with horrible stats.

Also, saw a blurb (unconfirmed) about a workout with QB Todd Boeckman.

According to the .com he was the one throwing Matt Jones passes but both he and Pacman (who was also there) left without an offer.

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