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  1. (sigh) How many times have we heard this? Let your play do your talking.
  2. Is anyone optimistic?

    When the major Bengal headlines concern TO & Chad's show, that is a problem. Are those two focused on the NFL or on the Emmys?
  3. Shayne Graham's Replacement?

    Bring in Mike Nugent.
  4. The first two series will tell me alot about this game. The Bengals need to hit the Jets right in the mouth, right away. Put them back on their heels. Normally, I would say to open up the offense, but on a day like today, a little bit of conservatism might be just what the doctor ordered.
  5. Florio on drugs

    Word. I pray for a comfortable win; it does not have to be a blowout. 10-14 points would be wonderful. Now is the time to gain some momentum for the playoffs. If Cincy loses to KC, at home, they are probably going to lose at the Jets, and miss out on the playoffs. Deservatively so.