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After Thoughts Bengals vs Lions


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-Anyone know what injury report is looking like? Tank,Crocker & Manthis all seemed injured at one point...

-I'm glad this stretch is over and now for some more meaningful games...

-Oline 3 weeks in row just has looked less and less impressive

-Some good play by young guys like Nelson

-I hate Coats & I want him cut >_<

-I hate the Raiders for stealing a win from us But I'm a fan this week!

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-This is what teams look like when the front office is doing what they are supposed to do.

-The Marvin Lewis hate, which has been conspicuously absent this year, should be buried for a while.

-Passing game needs to keep sharpening and be consistent if not dynamic.

-WHo gives a crap if SD wins or loses to the Browns, we need to beat them or else its a moot point.

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Good to be 9-3. The running game was inconsistent, but the passing game produced enough to give the Bengals a comfortable win. That's reassuring going into Vikings week, especially since Minnesota has been vulnerable against the pass. We're not going to run all over them.

Great as well to see the Steelers and Patriots lose.

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Coming into the game I said I wanted to see 2 things, 1 a win. Got that. Also improved pass blocking, and saw that almost all day, so I am happy. Add in losses of the steelers and patriots and its a great week. If green bay wins tomorrow, the bengals magic # becomes 1.

Go Browns! Go Packers!

Great week by the rookies all around. Andre had a solid game. Rey was solid. Johnson was bringing pressure as well as I've seen from him. Huber looked as good as ever. Morgan Trent played well. Quan Cosby and Tom Nelson both played great. Who Dey!

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-WHo gives a crap if SD wins or loses to the Browns

I do. It could be pivotal.

It's not pivotal if we turn around and lose to them. If we come to them and they are down one game on us, and beat us, we are tied and they have the head to head, so it really makes no difference unless losing to the browns ends up being the a factor for overall record. I"m just saying, the Browns are meaningless if we just take care of our own dirty laundry.

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I'm on the road keeping up with the games. Bengals win Steelers lose to the Raiders their cheap shot ways come back to haunt them twice in the final drive, one hit took out their own player.

Pats lose to Fins. They are looking bad.

Go Bengals!!! Life is good now time to go to some steeler rooms and raising some hell Woo Hoo. Git er Dun!!!

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