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Pats @ Saints Game Thread.

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Is there an offense better then this......i think not! Wow as of now this Saints team looks like a superbowl team, with this offense that is. No big name recievers on here (drama queen ones), but they all just catch the ball. Im jealous right now of the saints offense, i want that kind :rolleyes:

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Goddam, the Saints offense is erm, unbelievable. They look like they can score for fun. I wonder how the game would look had Brady not handed them a huge momentum swing and they'd scored off that good return by Welker. But really, damn at the Saints offense. They haven't looked back.

Minnesota, the best team in the league my ass. I wonder who the Saints will face in the SB. Hopefully Zimmer and the D have their shot at stopping Drew Brees.

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