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Week 5:Power Rankings


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Don't matter I know but I'm posting em anyways


5. Cincinnati Bengals (4-1) (Last week: 8). The Bengals haven't been this high since Chris Henry hid his stash in the team salad bar. Allegedly.


6 (11) Bengals 4-1-0 Time for the doubters to shut up; the Bengals are pretty good. (Chadiha)

CBS Sports

8 Bengals ยท Trends 11

They are for real. The defense is really improved. I still think the offense can do a lot more, and will as the season moves along. Cedric Benson adds the much-needed running dimension.

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Under the radar ?? Not anymore boys and girls. Saddle up because this is going to require focus this team hasn't had in some time.

I think they have it in them to continue and hope to see this season keep going in this manner !!!

Media starting to jumping on the band wagon wait they would never do that right? ^_^

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So far, even after a solid month of impressive come back wins and the tragic death of Vicki Zimmer at a young age, I haven't noticed the general focus of the squad or atmosphere within the changing rooms change one iota over the weeks. Understated and level-headed.

I would really hope that isn't such a thin veneer as to be shattered by a placing on some power charts concocted in the minds of talking heads when the wins and losses columns haven't already done so.

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Media starting to jumping on the band wagon wait they would never do that right? ^_^

The bandwagon needs another axle, the media all jumped on so hard simultaneously Sunday night.

Wait! One exceptiong. Randy Cross is half the radio team on Sirius NFL radio's morning show. He hates the bengals, and I mean hates with a capital H.

Monday I was listening and the exchange went approximately like this:

Non Bengal-hating partner: "A big story has to be these Cincinnati Bengals and their lead in the NFC North. What do you make of their resurgence Randy?"

Biggest Douchebag In All Media, Randy Cross: "Another big story has to be this Monday night game tonight with those Jets taking on a Dolphin team that needs a win."

Non Bengal-hating partner: "We'll talk about that game a lot, but back to the Bengals, the biggest surprise this year?"

BDIAL, Randy Cross: (severely dejected tone of voice) "They're on one the high end of a cycle, but it's not like the Steelers or someone who just sustains excellence every year."

It used to bug me that Cross hated the Bengals so much, now listening to him squirm while being asked to talk about a winning Bengals team is music to my ears.

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Joe Theismann pegs us at 16th, behind the Ravens and Steelers. Now, I don't hate him for it, because I think it is at least possible to make the argument. I don't buy it though.


FWIW Football Outsiders' DVOA rankings still hate the Bengals too. I agree with the guys in comments, tho: it's the worst-in-the-NFL special teams ranking that's giving DVOA the yips, and hopefully the exit of St. Louis turns that around.

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