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Examiner.com calls out Ocho Tweeto


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Ocho Doucho either has learned a little sign language and will sign to someone in the stands, or will have worked out a set of say 10 or so message s in advance and will signal "1" by hand gesture to the person in the stands to send message 1

Its phenomenally stupid

Play the f*cking game that you are paid to play, a**h***.

We dont care about your little war with the nfl's over how their policies prevent you from doing things during games that you have no business doing.

Tweet before. Tweet after. Set a frickin tweet record. We dont care.

During practice? During games? Shut the f*ck up and do your f*cking job! Which btw does not include tweeting!

Everytime you think about tweeting, put that energy and thought into something else.....like......oh, I don't know, how about throwing a block or something, or running your route correctly. That'd be just swell, you f*cking douchebag.

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