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Project Mayhem


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Not sure if this will work or not but atleast someone is taking a stand!


I salute them. At least they try to promote change even if their chances of success are nil.

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Hey, guys, it's just a "theme". I believe idiot-Mikey was quoted as saying, "This, too, shall pass". :P

Anyway, I didn't see / notice urinal cakes reading 98-186-1 on Sunday...sorry I missed it.

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As I said before with the billboards, more power to them. And, at least, they got Mike Brown to notice them and respond. Even if it was just a curmudgeonly response, at least they got that satisfaction.

err......Mike Brown responded?

got a link?

He admitted he had noticed the billboards. That's a "response". Doesn't mean we will see a GM. But at least these guys were heard and know they were heard. That's a bit more satisfaction than your average fan gets...

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The urinal cakes was indeed inspired. Even better if they, Fight Club style, had an attendant on the inside with access to the owner's suite who had a urinal cake present waiting for Brown when he went to take a piss...

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