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Come up with your own Mike Brown Joke


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Ohhhh...somebody stop me!

:lmao::lmao: A little Jim Carrey, Greg?

Mike Brown is so clueless about the NFL.....

....he actually brought Chris Henry back! :cry:

....he selected Akili Smith over 13 billion Saints draft picks :weep:

....he hired all of his kids for front office jobs :bag:

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Katie, Troy and Mikey all walk into a bar and order a beer. When the beers come, there's a fly floating in each pint.

Katie pushes her glass aside and says, "That's disgusting."

Troy shrugs, picks the fly out and starts drinking the beer.

Mikey fishes the fly out, sets it on the counter and shouts, "Spit it out, you bastard!!!"

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Lil' TJ Jackson walks into a bar and when the bartender approaches orders a frothy beverage. While the beer is being poured Lil TJ scans the bar looking for attractive single men. Instead, he spies Mike Brown and his daughter Pumpkie sitting at the end of the bar getting gloriously hammered.

Lil' TJ Jackson asks the bartender.... "Hey, isn't that Mike Brown?"

"Yup, he's been in here all afternoon. Drop by and say hello if you want, people have been doing it all day long. He won't mind."....say the bartender.

So TJ slides down the bar and after handshakes and greetings are exchanged he asks what Mike and Pumpkie are up to on this fine day.

"Well, we've been discussing our plans to murder a newspaper delivery boy while robbing millions and millions of dollars from the local huckleberries."....says a very drunk Mike Brown.

"Golly gosh, why would you kill a newspaper delivery boy?" asks lil' TJ Jackson.

Thereby prompting a puckered Pumpkie to burst from her chair and scream...."See, I told you nobody would care if we stole millions and millions of dollars from a bunch of huckleberries."


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