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Bengals sign Jamar Fletcher


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I think that this is a decent pickup, although he might remind some of Keiwan Ratliff. He was one of the best CB's I ever saw play at Wisconsin but hasn't been that same type of player in the pros. I think he should be a solid 4th CB, although I thought Castille played OK last week, minus the penalties. Definitely a good insurance policy if Joseph can't go and without question and upgrade over Pope, who went back to the PS. Purify was released due to being sentenced to house arrest for something he did at Nebraska, I would assume. I was really hoping that he would have a shot to make the team in '09.

Glad to see the Bengals at least doing something!

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What good things did Castille do except make a good tackle in front of him?

Jamar isn't even as good as Deltha, but, better than what they have - might as well...lord knows they have plenty of cap space. Hope the guy's in shape.

Half of the big plays that the Bengals have given up in the Marvin Lewis era (including this season) have been a result of a multiple missed tackles. The Bengals were knocked out of playoff contention due to missed tackles by DB's in the Steelers loss at PBS during the '06 season. I will take a DB that is able to make open field tackles that bring up punting situations 10 times out of 10. He is an UDFA in his 2nd or 3rd NFL game; it's unrealistic for people to think that he should step right in and shut down receivers like Burress and Toomer, who are seasoned veterans starting for a Super Bowl champion. I said he played OK, which is average, with plenty of room for improvement. He wasn't Ashley Ambrose or Deltha '05.....but he wasn't Rod Jones or Deltha '08 (who is terrible now, check the Pats boards if you need a 2nd opinion), either.

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KK was getting blown away in Denver this weekend i really dont think he was that great. Of course the miami boards are going to think that, the guy left them awhile ago and has been to detroit and houston. Who cares this team needed some kind of vet and they got one. David Jones is ok but this team still needed someone else at corner so i will take it, there wasnt really much to choose from.

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Jamar Fletcher? Mike Brown must have gotten an email that went something like this:

"Tips: Safety of Cornerbacks

Alias of this kind of defensiveminded backs:

If you need well-designed and magic gift of cornerback for your friends and family, you are in right place!"

Mike was clicking on the links before he even got to the part that read: "When your friend need coverage such as like a practical, Jamar Fletcher will be your satisfied choice."

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