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I contributed to a Mock draft last year in which each person on the site picked a team, and made a pick, and also gave a reason to why. I would like for everyone to do this again, because it was a great Mock last year.

Since i do have a love for the Bengals(probably as much as everyone on here) and since i'm starting it ill pick them as my team, so to the first 31 posters pick a team still on the board.

1. Miami – Mac D BengalFan

2. St. Louis – HairOnFire

3. Atlanta – DesperateDerelict

4. Oakland – EndTheDrought

5. Kansas City – Alex

6. NY Jets – KenttJet

7. New England (f/San Francisco) – DuffMan

8. Baltimore – CentralOhioBengal

9. Cincinnati – Thurmanation

10. New Orleans – Kurgan74

11. Buffalo – ArmyBengal

12. Denver – Whur chad at

13. Carolina – Kurgan74

14. Chicago – TheWalls

15. Detroit – CincyHokie

16. Arizona – Bengalszone Billy

17. Minnesota – KazKal

18. Houston – Thurmanation

19. Philadelphia – Edogger

20. Tampa Bay – CincyHokie

21. Washington – DC Bengals Fan

22. Dallas (f/Cleveland) – Spor_tees

23. Pittsburgh – Bengals44

24. Tennessee – Skyline

25. Seattle – alex

26. Jacksonville – B24

27. San Diego – Bengalszone Billy

28. Dallas – Spor_tees

29. San Francisco (f/Indianapolis) –

30. Green Bay – Clackwoods

31. New England – No Pick

32. NY Giants –

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I'll pick for the hated Steelers, but I'll be reasonable in my pick...

When do we pick...?

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Just some notes, i just got off work and updated the picks so far.

- The COLTS dont have a pick in the first round, so ALEX youll have to pick another team

- HairOnFire, do you want the Chargers? or San Fran?..

-We draft after every team has an owner

-if by the end of Saturday not all teams are taken everyone can start picking second teams.

-The draft will start on Sunday..(why not) and no oen is really on the clock, just wait for the person making there pick to pick, give them time.

- You can trade your pick if you wish to another user for other first rounder or player if you believe your teams would really do it (I.E. Dallas trading both there firsts for a low pick) although both parties have to agree upon it through PM'ing each other. Also please try to make some sense out of the trades (no trading the pats first rounder for Eli Manning.)

-DesperateDerelict, i'm giving you the Falcons.

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- HairOnFire, do you want the Chargers? or San Fran?..



Ohh, I see. I made a bad joke and now I'm expected to draft for any unclaimed California team.

Well screw dat.

I once received a free Los Angeles Rams hat after filling up my tank, so.......give me the Rams.

Im sorry hair, i did not get your joke at all brother lol"

But you shall receive the Rams lol

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