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First Brady Quinn, Now Leinart...

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From the "drunk pictures I'll regret tomorrow" file...



Oh Jesus. The one dude is even wearing a Cincinnati Reds cap.


Personally, I think the matching outfits just bring it all together...they're just so cute...:lmao:

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I have a feeling Pete Carroll wouldn't approve of that drill for his USC players either.

You never know, it's SoCal. Wierd s**t happens there.

I gotta say though...I've been drunk enough to damn near pickle myself, but I've never been drunk enough to stage a picture where some dude is miming like he's slobbing on my knob.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Per Florio over at PFT, Leinart's lawyers are sending letters to blogs and internet sites left and right demanding they take down this photo because of "copyright violations." :lmao: They aren't concerned about the drinks-and-girls pics, just the "hummer" shot. So far deadspin has apparently not complied, but if you want the pic for posterity you should probably save it!

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Wow looks like there is a new boy band in town...

I couldn't see myself having all of my friends dressing in the same outfits, getting drunk and parading out somewhere public where I could have my picture taken like this....even if it was Halloween!!! And I have done some stupid things in my day....

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