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Our Dynasty Has Officially Crashed


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I guess I will buy another TV after I throw the glass I am drinking from at the time thru the screen....

I'm with Mr. Jackson here. Hey T.J.! Let's buy ourselves some sweet HDTV flatscreens together if this faux paux comes to pass and pocket the savings! Something positive might has well come out of a disaster like that!

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OK, if you had the choice.

Two seasons of season tickets. Or 60 inch big screen mega-sweet HDTV that supports 1080p?

Josh, please ship me the big screen ASAP. Combined with the NFL Channel I have no parking headaches/costs, no lines, no hideously obnoxious Steeler fans twice a year sitting behind me, and most of all, no $7 for a stinkin' BEER!

Besides, if a home playoff game ever again happens, I can always score some seats on eBay. :sure:

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Yeah, I'm a little confused to the whole "Dynasty" thing as well. Was I in a coma for a few years and no one told me we won 3 Super Bowls in a row ??

Anyway, I agree we won't be in the top 5 picking this upcoming draft and even if we were, a pick of McFadden would send me through the f*cking roof !!! How could you possibly think that would be a good pick when there is a top tier defensive standout to help this defense ?? I would question that pick until the day I died !!!

Oh yeah, I'll PM you with my address on where to send the flat screen !!!


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I think I understand what dynasty meant here. It was the word we attached to the Bengals when Marvin Lewis showed up. It wasn't necessarily about what we've done, but the expectations that many of us, if not all of us -- except for the cynics -- had for this team when Lewis came here. And compared to the decade before Lewis got here, this is a freaking dynasty -- Cincinnati version, baby!

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I frickin' hate it when I miss Bengals dynasties. I should pay closer attention.

I still think McFadden is defensible as a pick depending on what happens between now and April. Course, when the Bengals dead cat to 8-8, that question will be moot.

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OK, we don't need a RB! However if McFadden is still around when our pick comes up, I say we select him. Then work a trade with another team for more picks. Or ask him if he'd be will to play on Def!

I could see a trade-down before the pick. It's a lot easier to trade a pick than a player. But if there's a real difference-maker available on defense, to hell with McFadden.

If some other team has a man-crush on him, by all means let them pay for it.

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There is not one single reason to take McFadden.

We have plenty of very good RB's, some injured, some getting tired, some just getting started.


Kenny W.

C. Perry

K. Irons


With that depth at RB and the severe depth issues and injuries at LB it would only be a fool (Mike B.?) who would move up to take McFadden.

Heck, this team needs Oline repair before another RB.

This team needs D. Don't be distracted by the flashy runner.

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