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How's the boar hunter been playing?


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Today's Columbus Dispatch: Bengals beat writer Bill Rabinowitz wrote an article about Schlegel. I cut and pasted the second half below. Hunley and Marvin obviously both think he's slow, but they both like him. The first half of the article was Buckeye-Mangold-Schlegel related.

"Schlegel and Dhani (Jones, another recent pickup), you love them because when they come to work, they're here, they're fully invested," linebackers coach Ricky Hunley said. "They watch the tape, they study, they ask good questions. They start associating what we do with what they did somewhere else so they put it together a lot faster."

The knock on Schlegel is his speed. It doesn't help that he has been battling a nagging turf-toe injury.

"He ain't a 4.5 guy," Hunley acknowledged.

But Schlegel disputes the suggestion he's not good in space.

"Yeah, that's always been people's opinion, but when I was at Ohio State I don't remember getting beat a lot in pass coverage. Maybe (the perception) is because I like playing the run better."

Last week against Kansas City, Schlegel was upset with himself when he allowed Larry Johnson to beat him outside on a swing pass for a 15-yard gain.

"I looked back at the quarterback, which you're not supposed to do, and took a bad angle," Schlegel said.

But mental mistakes are rare for Schlegel.

"He can really understand concepts and pick up tips," Hunley said. "He can tell you about other people and other teams. Back in the day, old guys would keep books on players. I think he's one of those guys who takes good notes."

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said, "Whatever shortcomings he has, he makes up for in his knowledge of the game. He's a very diligent worker, a very smart guy. He's very intense and the kind of guy you want."



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I think it's obvious he's too limited to be considered a potential starter, but good teams are built on solid backups and special teamers. In that regard he seems like a nice addition and a likely candidate to replace a player like soon to be departed UFA Caleb Miller.

Agreed: Schlegal > Miller

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