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Seattle At Pittsburgh

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Seattles offense is lookin like there scared against the steelers and u know thats why i wish teams would feel when they are playin the bengals defense, but that will never happen.

It all depends on the coaching. Most of the time Chucky leaves a lot to be desired.

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Wow. 21-0 with our top 2 recievers out and our star Safety and our All-Pro NT out, against a good Seahawks team.

Now that's what you call stepping up after a loss and silencing the critics.


I think the new blood in the coaching staff has made this team better than ever and will really be a hard game for anyone to play down the road. Everyone is just talking about the PATS AND COLTS but they better be watching the STEELERS...p.s. I still hate them though.... :P

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As a female and an unrelenting Bengals fan.................I really hate to say it.......but TommyLyn is a handsome black man even when he wears yellow........and you guys know I don't own one thing yellow.........except pledge.............Next time I buy a bottle of pledge.......I'll be looking for the orange version.





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