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3...2...1...let the UDCFA signing frenzy BEGIN!

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Juwan Simpson has definite red-flags, i figure we stay away to help the locker room and keep goodell off our back. Of course the pats could have drafted him and marcus thomas with their first 2 picks and everyone would give them a free pass.

Tony Taylor would be a nice pick up though.

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I figure signing a red flag guy to a UDCFA contract can't be too damaging

If he gets arrested it will get just as much media attention as a 1st round pick getting arrested because it would be another Bengal.

Yup, and I'd laugh my butt off. I agree with ya, TJ.

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My list would be

1. Earl Everitt, - especially since he's supposedly on the way anyways.

2. Melvin Bullitt - liked him before the draft.

3. TONY TAYLOR - How he didn't get drafted is beyond me. Multi talented player has played safety,weak, and strong side linebacker - and is as adept at playing the pass as O'Dell was at Georgia, which is one of the reasons why I liked O'Dell so much in the first place.

- Not really interested in Darius Walker, seems to be a similiar player that we drafted in round 2 with Kenny Irons, but considering some of the guys that will be back as free agent signees from last year, Whitehead,Wilson etc.. there's little to NO room for him here even in a training camp.

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I think the knock on Everett and Taylor is the same - speed

Hey, guys that get 7 interceptions in one season don't have to be fast, they already know where to be when the ball is on the way. Instinct and heart, 2 biggest things a linebacker has to have to succeed in the NFL.

" you can never measure how bad a guy wants it " ! :sure:

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According to Hobson, there are a few reports of some signings at extral media sites - he has no in on this because the club's policy is not to release a name til they have a signed contract

He says

Georgetown College quarterback Jeff Smith

lllinois State linebacker Cameron Siskowic

Hawaii right tackle Dane Uperesa (on my list as a r7 guy)

Florida linebacker Earl Everett

BYU tight end Daniel Coats...his profile says he is a big strong slow blocking type. With sound intangibles. Suprised? :-) http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingr...anielcoats.html

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