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Briggs: "I won't play for Bears"

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Gettin' ugly in Chi-town...

Bears | Briggs wants out?

Mon, 5 Mar 2007 07:21:43 -0800

Len Pasquarelli, of ESPN.com, reports Chicago Bears LB Lance Briggs says he does not want to play another game for the team unless the Bears rescind the franchise tag placed on him this offseason. "There's a difference between the Chicago Bears team and the Chicago Bears organization," Briggs said Sunday, March 4. "The Chicago Bears team? The coaches, players, city and fans? Yeah, I could stay there forever. I love it. But the Chicago Bears organization? I don't want to be there anymore. I won't play for them and I'll do everything in my power to keep from playing there." "They need to either [rescind] the franchise tag, and let me move on, or trade me to another team," Briggs added. "Because that's about the only way this thing can have any kind of a positive resolution."

Justin for Briggs, anyone...?

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Yeah, there's even more in the espn.com story...


"You hate to get into that whole 'lack of respect' thing," Briggs said. "But you play four years for a team, do your best, exceed their expectations, right? And every year, it's like, 'You played great, Lance.' And they kind of dangle the carrot, like they're going to take care of you, and then it doesn't happen. I mean, I was a middle-round pick and I've played well for them. Four years and at just middle-round salaries. I haven't caused any kinds of problems. I've done everything they asked and them some. And I don't know if I ever really knew where I stood with them until they put the tag on me."

C'mon, Lance, tell us how you really feel... :lol:

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Can't say I want a player with this attitude any where near Cinci. Sounds way to much like Pickens or Dillon for me.

Hate to say it but I will pass too, don't need someone who is guaranteed to be paid in the top 5 of people at his position next year bitching like this. What he makes next year will probably be more then a lot of us fans make in a lifetime, so I can't find myself feeling sorry for him at all. Love you Lance as a player, I don't think you get your do playing next to Urlacher but quit whining to the public about making millions of dollars we just can't feel sorry for a guy like that.

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I'd love to have Briggs via trade, but I don't think we can afford to give up Justin Smith for him. We'd force ourselves right back into DE discussion for the first round of the draft, and the best prospects will be gone at #18.

I dunno. We are certainly looking at drafting an LB on day one, and LB seems kind of thin to me this year. DE, OTOH, looks pretty deep. Plus I think the Bengals have more potential depth at DE with Rucker and Henderson (and maybe even Pollack) than they do at LB. So if it were Briggs and draft DE or Justin and draft LB, I'd lean toward the former.

As to whether the Bears would go for something like that I have absolutely no idea. There were some rumblings a few weeks back that they were unhappy with O-gun's drop in production last season and might be looking to move on there, but as far as I can tell it was just smoke.

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