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Loved the play around the 5 by the sideline where Brooks and Madieu combined for the tackle. #40 and #50. Looked good.

Yeah, Ahmad stepped up to the plate...He got his chance and played better than anyone could have expected, he still needs a lot of work, but DAMN as raw as he is, that was impressive for his first start. Another thing i was impressed with(you've got to try to find some positives) was Madieu, he didnt necessarily do anything to make you say "Wow" but thats what i wanted to see from our safeties..5 tackles/6 assists...being a safety set farther back, he needs to close in, and HELP other defenders. The 6 assists is a positive because he's playing "Help" defense and after New england with all the missed tackles, i was thinking..."Where is everybody?" too many 1 on 1 missed tackles, great defenses play "Help" defense it you cant make the play, slow them down long enough for another teammate to get there.

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We need a video of his new sack....

is his old one

Agree with keeping Brooks on the field, he looked very good... I'm still wanting to see Odell pull his head out and create a LB corps to be FEARED !!!


Agreed,you guys think Odell could move too WLB?

Odell WLB-Brooks MLB pollack SLB :P would be super sexy.

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